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CD REVIEW: life theoretic – when the truth comes out
By Francesco Emmanuel - 04/17/2007 - 01:01 PM EDT

Artist: Band: life theoretic
Album: when the truth comes out
CD Review: Heavy, progressive and ambient. That’s the first thing that came to my mind when I popped in this one. when the truth comes out is the independent release by life theoretic, a band that has had a short life-span together (formed in July 2005), but their music speaks of power and necessary loudness, something every good heavy band needs.

Life theoretic comprises Travis Woods on drums, Gaetano Iacono – bass, B3 and harp, Jason Wozney on guitars, Alfredo Bruno Magnante – guitars, backing vocals and Samer Hattar on lead vocals.

I’d like to say for the record, that this is one new band where the vocals stood out as against the norm, great vocal melodies intermixed with some solid screams, and I really liked Samer’s approach to vocals – consistent variation in the melody lines; here’s a guy that can sing.

I’d prefer to stay away from categorizing this band as every band is different; I will say that this album was laden with subtle timing changes, refined use of various guitar styles and effects, and finally strong vocals.

The guitars had a great solid tone to it - not too much bass, just the right amount of mids. There was some well-crafted interplay between both guitarmen, and the drums had a solid, clear punch to it (loved the sound of the kick and snare). That was the production side of things, but these guys know how to play, and play they can!

‘The Chevey Affair’ gets right into this full-on steady beat, heavy riffing and the occasional scream (nicely done I must say). Good choice on the break-down right before the chorus, the cymbal work by Travis is just superbly tasteful. Just when you think that the song is over, there’s another timing change which leads to the outro, it was three songs in one.

For the bluesman in all of us, check out the groove in ‘Indie Queen’ and the slick intro (harmonica and all), followed by one hell on an infectious beat on ‘Choke Panic Blues’, with a wicked double-kick here and there.

‘The Infinit Addiction’ has a solid timing that just builds from verse to chorus, not to mention this bizarre chord that signals a change to the bridge, accented by another timing change. Then out of nowhere comes this scream to give credence to one heck of a slow groove. Can’t get any better than this!

I think my favourite song on this album was ‘Concerns’, the switch in guitar tones from verse to chorus, especially the short-lived octave run in the chorus, back into that catchy semi-clean tone that keeps the verse going. And to crown it all off, there’s a killer vocal harmony at the close of the chorus, it brings the song to its end, repeating the line ‘Can’t you see I’m still alive?’ I think I played that song about 15 times already.

To date the band has played numerous live performances and showcases at venues such as Club 279, The Mod Club and The Drake Hotel. The band also played Toronto Indie Week in 2006. The band is totally Indie - having done everything so far without the help of outside management or representation. This is definitely a band that knows what their doing and can stand on their own.

To finish, I’d like to take a paragraph from the band’s bio, and I quote ‘Ultimately, the band hopes that through their music, you come to an understanding…that all things in life you thought you knew, the truths you thought you had figured out…its all just theory…a sobering theory…a life theory…life theoretic. But then again, understanding is a transitory concept. When you think you have it, it’s gone…’

Well said.


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