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CD REVIEW: KS - The Tinnitus Made Me Do It
By Jon Stewart - 04/19/2007 - 08:25 PM EDT

Artist: KS
Album: The Tinnitus Made Me Do It
CD Review: The music I most prefer to review is Electronica suitable as dance music. My initial reading on this style of music is simple enough. Can I imagine Angelica dancing to it? She was a natural dancer and could take any good beat and do “something” with it. She was Hispanic and did all the Mexican folk dances, as well as Cumbia, Salsa, Rhumba, Samba, Ranchera; the dance always dictated by the beat. KS, aka Jose Zambrano Cassella, is of Venezuelan/Italian descent and has been influenced by Latin music although you would never guess that from this CD.

So how does KS perform on this simple equation? Angelica would look hot on the dance floor on any of the songs proffered by KS. Some of the songs are less than a minute, many are less than two minutes and only one of the 23 songs is over 3 minutes. This creative limitation is the only shortcoming when appraising them for dancing. For me, a composition for dance should be 7 minutes, its length hypnotizing those on the floor, with a break at 3 to 4 minutes where the dancers can catch their breath during a lull in the music, but not silence; rather, something to swirl to. KS uses another strategy; run the songs together and mesmerize with nuance and cool beats. It works much more dramatically than I would have imagined, but many of the songs ended before I got in the groove.

With clever titles like “Le Butt Shakin’”, “Slap Bass Freak Out”, “Trancebundo”, “Porn Film” and “Beat to Nowhere”, we can only imagine the what and why of his creative process. The electronic sound works as scenery to admire when you close your eyes and let the music rush over you. The phrase I would use is “pleasantly hip”.

You can visit his website at

Grade: B+.

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