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CD REVIEW: Matthew Jordan - "Horizon"
By Gian F - 05/06/2007 - 11:01 PM EDT

Artist: Matthew Jordan
Album: "Horizon"
CD Review: Genre: Adult Alternative
Sounds Like: ?
Technical Grade: 9
Production/Musicianship Grade: 9
Commercial Value: 8
Overall Talent Level: 9
Songwriting Skills: 9
Performance Skill: 9
Best Songs: Someone's Waiting, Eventually, Jessie, Insomniac, Blink
Weakness: ?
CD Review: Matthew Jordan, a tremendously talented songwriter/pianist/vocalist from Los Angeles, California, sent me a CD that can be used as a perfect example of how to arrange, compose, and perform melodic songs. Even using the term song is almost derogatory because on this project Matthew is actually peforming compositions that are promoted as songs. An intriguing and challenging scenario...but one that he is abundantly qualified to deal with.

Because this project is musically diverse and showcases a plethora of musical influences, Matthew has the enviable luxury of deciding which audience he wants to target. The MTV crowd will surely embrace the up-tempo, piano rockin tune, "Someone's Waiting," with its catchy chorus, in-your-face vocals, and youth oriented lyrics, but adult alternative music lovers will celebrate the jazzy flavored, and beautifully arranged "Jessie," a song about a secret crush that features saxophone and expertly constructed vocal parts.

Also of note are "Blink," which has an instantly memorable intro that simply sounds like beginnning of a song that should be on the radio, and "Insomniac," a poignant ballad that conjures up memories of "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys with its slow, pristine harmonies.

Regardless of what direction Matthew Jordan goes in, a successful and distinguished career is on the Horizon.

Advice: Great project. Marketing dilemma. Finding YOUR audience will be the key to the success of this project and the launch of your career. Be open to writing/producing for others to build name recognition.

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