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Issue 9.5 - August 2006
ISSN 1480-6975

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@-- Editor's Musings
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                    JJ Biener & Jon Stewart 
@-- New Artist Spotlight Additions
@-- Songwriting Book Review - by James Linderman
@-- Musical Notes - Songwriting Contests & Market Info.
@-- Muse's Clues - Songwriting Web sites that inspire - brought
    to you by singer/songwriter & teacher, Irene Jackson.
@-- Featured Article - FIVE PATHS TO $100,000 PER YEAR - Part 3:
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E d i t o r ' s   M u s i n g s :

Hello for another month.  I hope you're all enjoying your summer!

I've just had the opportunity to see two-time Juno award winner
David Francey in concert at a small venue in downtown Toronto
called Hugh's Room.  First off, David was fantastic.  A real joy
to listen to between songs as he told stories about his
experiences and why he wrote the songs he did.  And of course, an
extremely talented musician and songwriter.  Hugh's Room was a
wonderful place to spend an evening listening to music while
dining on extremely good food. :)  Thanks to both David Francey
for a thoroughly enjoyable and satisfying evening of music, and
to Hugh's Room for providing the perfect venue for such an event
to happen.  I highly suggest you check both out at their

David Francey:
Hugh's Room:

Incidentally, I've recently been working with Craig of to revamp the designs for Muse's Muse black
t-shirts.  I'm really liking the way they're turning out. :)  In
case you're interested, Craig has worked up some beautiful
designs.  They make for great mousepads (I'm using one right
now), mugs (nice and large ones too!) and t-shirts.  There are
also canvas bags, tile boxes, hats and lots of other stuff.  I'm
particularly partial to the newly introduced black t-shirts
though.  Spiffy. ;) I hope you'll check them out at . 

We're also really close to producing another Radio Muse show -
but I just need those last couple of songs to include... I would
actually have enough now, but unfortunately, a few people sent me
music recently that, while excellent, didn't have any of the
needed paperwork in the package... and then I couldn't reach them
(or they weren't replying) so that I could ask them to send me
that information.  Please - I'd LOVE to hear your songs and
promote them in the show.  But when sending in a package, follow
the instructions at or
you make it impossible for me to include you, even if I'd really
like to.  

Just as a little aside, station ID messages are always welcome.
:)  Feel free to include that in an MP3 or .wav format when you
send in your package.  Thanks, guys!

Here are the raffle winners this month:

* Misty Dawn from Florence, AL, has won a 6 month subscription
to the Onlinegigs ( service.  This
valuable service is a powerful tool for musicians, agents, record
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* Martin Jeyes from Essex, UK, has won a copy of
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* Linda Lobb from Pomeroy, PA, has won a copy
of Bronson Herrmuth's "100 Miles To A Record Deal"

* Charlie Camp from Austin, TX, has won a copy of's Musician's Toolkit CD

* M. R. Byrd from New York, NY, has won a copy of Susan Finch's
e-book, Trax (reviewed below).

If you'd like to be the recipient of a raffle prize, feel free to
write to me and tell me so!  Please do include your contact
information along with your request.  And if you have a
preference for the raffle prize you'll receive, let me know that

Meanwhile, enjoy the warm weather and longer days.

All the best,


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M u s i c   R e v i e w s : Kevin Zarnett, Chip Withrow, 
                            Gian Fiero, JJ Biener & Jon Stewart


Kevin Zarnett:

* Nathan Wade

JJ Biener:

* Bob Brozman

Chip Withrow:

* Minimal
* Chris Vaughn
* Bob Wire

Gian Fiero:

* Chase
* Jhay C (Hiend Productions)

Jon Stewart:

* 40 Watt Hype


For bios on each of the reviewers, see . If you're considering
sending in your own CD for review, you can also view that page to
find out which reviewer reviews your genre. Thanks!

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N e w   A r t i s t   S p o t l i g h t   A d d i t i o n s :  

Great music is only a click away!  
Here are just some of the great CDs highlighted in the 
Artist Spotlight section of The Muse's Muse at 



With a distinctive voice, unique flow, unmatched ability to pen
concepts and lace them with infectious hooks, the skill to
lyrically convey messages and second to none creativity -
irrespective of gender, never has the rap game seen an MC this
complete. NY/NJ based hip-hop artist SHEE consistently creates
material in tune with the demands of the street while avoiding
material derivative of what's already out there.
James Tormé - Genre: JAZZ

James Tormé is a recording artist who's as influenced by his
multi-Grammy Award winning father, Mel, as he is by the pop and
R&B he grew up with. By infusing his selections with the
influences of his own generation, James is making classic songs
newly relevant and bringing jazz to now.
Courtney Love - Genre: ROCK

Courtney Love - the groundbreaking, trend-setting, and always
controversial rock star drops her explosive solo debut -
America's Sweetheart - in stores NOW! The first single "Mono" is
already gaining heat and hailed by critics and fans everywhere as
the return of real rock music. Preview Courtney's new album and
become her 'Love' slave NOW!


S o n g w r i t i n g   B o o k   R e v i e w : by James Linderman

Trax by Susan Finch
If your experiences in getting your music "out there" have been
anything like mine, you've already experienced enough rejection
to need numerous hours of therapy and perhaps enough to qualify
for a guest spot on Dr. Phil. 

Sure, I've had some hills between all the valleys.  This has been
a particularly good year.  But I still don't see the impact of
all of my diligent work on my bank account, nor am I booked for a
tuxedo fitting for one of those fancy awards shows anytime soon.

It's therefore very refreshing to read Trax, a new e-book written
by Susan Finch that can offer us music writers a different spin
on what to do with all the music floating around in our heads and
how to make a dent in an otherwise, virtually undentable

Trax is about getting your music to fit a market most of us have
not even considered; commercials and TV shows. Sound simple? Well
it is... and it isn't.

The author explains that post-production houses have a voracious
need for music but lots of incremental rules for pitching your
work - much like the rules that exist in all professional

The author, however, happens to very conveniently know all the
tricks of the trade, gleaned from working in a New York
post-production house and working her way up through the ranks in
this also very competitive industry.

So what's in this e-book?

It starts out explaining how post-production houses operate and
the role that our music plays in their work.

It then comprehensively covers pitching protocol so that you
could enter this industry looking like you have been working in
it for years, right off the bat. Very cool stuff.

There is a section on setting up your business and establishing a
web-site for your work if you decide to do more than dabble in

There are also listings of some music studios that specialize in
this kind of work, so you can check out the competition. 

The author then provides 50 pages of listings for post-production
houses in the U.S. and the U.K. for you to send your music to.
She also ends the book with some sample contracts so that you can
check out a couple of them before you have to sign one.

Trax by Susan Finch is certainly an indispensable e-book for
anyone who has ever considered writing music for TV or
commercials, or for someone sitting in a small production studio
as I am right now feeling like it's time to try something new.

You can get a copy of Trax by Susan Finch at by clicking here.
Susan also offers personalized music evaluations at $8 a track. 
James Linderman lives and works at theharmonyhouse, a music
lesson, songwriting and recording pre-production facility in
Newmarket, Ontario.  James writes songwriting articles and music
book reviews for The Muse's News, Canadian Musician Magazine,
Songwriters Magazine, and Professional Musician Magazine. His
writing is also featured in the James Linderman Wing of the
library at  James has a Canadian University and
American College education in music theory and composition and is
also pretty good at making up songs and playing the guitar. 

Contact James at:  

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M u s i c a l   N o t e s : Songwriting Contests & Market Info.

In the interest of conserving space, I will only be including
changes to this listing in this newsletter.  All other contests
and market information that have already been listed here, are
displayed at & . Please check there
regularly for updates!
----------------------------------------------------------------- Best Songwriting Tournament Contests - $100 cash
prize – Free Entry

Showcase your songwriting skills in these exciting tournament
contests. The Tournament consists of 2 Phases. All submissions
are first entered in the Phase 1 Groups. The winners of the Phase
I Groups are then automatically entered into Phase II Groups for
the final showdown and the $100 Grand Prize. All submissions will
be judged by a combination of Panel of Judges and the Public
(50%-50%.) Multiple submissions by the same contestant are
allowed as long as the submissions are different songs. 
Free Submission. 
All entries must be postmarked by September 1st, 2006 to be
considered. No exceptions.

The Flat Rock Music Festival Songwriter Showcase is a nationally
recognized songwriter competition, open to anyone who writes and
performs original music, and who is not currently signed to a
major recording or publishing deal. Contestants are judged on the
quality of the song’s composition, vocal delivery, and the
overall performance. Each year, the Flat Rock Music Festival
staff and local industry pros select ten songwriter finalists to
perform their songs at the Festival where they are judged by a
panel of industry pros. Winners are awarded prizes, critical
acclaim and a chance to perform on the Festival main stage!

For details and for an entry form go to 

The Contemporary Christian Music Network International is hosting
their annual songwriting contest. This contest is endorsed by
Twila Paris and Russ Lee. For complete details, go to . Feel free to contact us through
our website with any questions.
THE 3rd ANNUAL IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) ARE NOW

The 3rd Annual IAMA (International Acoustic Music Awards) is
currently accepting entries. Winning songs will be heard on radio
- Acoustic Cafe radio show and XM Radio. Winners and runner-ups
will be featured on our CD compilation. Judging is based on
excellence in music performance, songwriting/composition and
originality. Win prizes in 8 different categories: Best Male
Artist, Best Female Artist, Best Group/Duo, Folk/Americana/Roots,
AAA/Alternative, Instrumental, Open, Country/Bluegrass. 

We Are Listening, in association with Berklee College of Music
and in partnership with, is currently accepting
entries for Round II of The 2006 Singer/Songwriter Awards. Enter
now for a chance to win an all-inclusive trip to London to record
your song with the UK's finest music professionals (or prize of
comparable value). Visit: for more

Deadline: 31st Dec 2006

Download's free and easy Copyright Kit. Print
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Music Gorilla works with Bands, Musicians, Artists and
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Tony Butterworth, a home musician and advocate for home based
music, has released his new internet based program, The Home Made
Hit Show, featuring exciting and original rock, acoustic, blues
and pop music made by home based artists. The Home Made Hit Show
strives to deliver top quality, original, home based rock, pop,
blues and acoustic music to its listeners. "After years of being
disillusioned with popular music, I was ready for a change", said
Butterworth, "After taking up guitar and making a few of my own
songs, I discovered a huge online community of amateur musicians,
many of them producing songs of a quality that simply astounded
Please listen in and and send songs and
comments to 

Pete & Pat Luboff will pay for the phone call for Muse's Muse
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for more details.

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M u s e ' s    C l u e s :  by Irene Jackson

©1998-2006 Moonstone Productions All Rights Reserved. 
Used By Permission

My daughter Gracie recently introduced me to, and I
think I'm hooked!  The one thing that I discovered almost right
away was that you can use search terms to find videos on certain
subjects.  Obviously, the most popular videos are often just
goofy shorts recorded by ordinary folks trying to get some
attention.  But when I typed "songwriting" in their search box
( there was a
surprising number of videos from all kinds of sources... Some are
not worth paying attention to, but others are very interesting.
For instance, one called "The Secrets of Songwriting (very
surprising)"  and seems to be nothing more than a car full of
guys goofing around.  So if you're expecting nothing but serious
stuff...well, remember this is YouTube.   You'll find all kinds
of irreverent videos such as "songwriters song" or
"Singer/Songwriter", where a songwriter tries to apply for a
mortgage from the bank.  Good for a laugh. And why not?

BUT, if you skip past these, you'll also find a few gems.  One is
titled "Songwriters Critique Night", a nice little story about a
songwriting group in Iowa who get together to perform for each
other or educate themselves on the craft and the business.  Jeff
Swope has a video blog that documents his move to Nashville in
search of success.  There are several interviews with bands or
artists, and recordings, some good, some poor quality, of
songwriters doing their thing at various venues.

There are a few short interviews with songwriters such as Vernon
Reid and Jesse Harris who were both involved in the John Lennon
Educational Tour Bus. The bus travels to colleges, music
festivals and conventions as part of the John Lennon Songwriting
Contest.  In fact, some past winners of that contest are in a
video as well.   I also found an interview with Neil Finn of
Split Endz and Crowded House fame.  One video called "How
Songwriters Did It in 1990" goes through one songwriter's process
of producing his own demos of midi equipment back then.  It gets
a little silly when the whole song plays with the video scanning
through the lyrics as they're sung.  But you can always go on to
the next video, there are plenty of them! 

There are excerpts from television shows like Songwriters Hall of
Fame, and lots of live performances at all kinds of venues,
including home videos of songwriters performing their songs and
some also looking for collaborators.  In fact, a search for
"songwriting' brings up more than 1700 videos!  I didn't have the
opportunity to go through all of them, so there may be a few gems
that even I missed. 

It used to be a great treat to go online and be able to hear
other people's creations, but now the internet world has taken
another big step by giving anybody with the ability to create
their own videos as well.  So if you haven't visited
yet, where've you been?  :)

Irene Jackson is a performing songwriter from Victoria, BC in
Canada. Aside from writing, recording and performing, she also
maintains a website for songwriters that includes tips, articles
and a songwriter's messageboard.

Songwriting Tips:
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F e a t u r e d   A r t i c l e : By Sean Farrington

FIVE PATHS TO $100,000 PER YEAR - Part 3: Mac Daddi's Way
Welcome back to my little documentary (or moc-umentary as I
prefer to call it). We are now on Part 3 in a 5 part series
exploring the lives of five fictional artists who are all racing
to a six-figure income with very different and skewed styles.
Though the cast-of-characters in this moc-mentary are indeed
fictional, the techniques are not. These are the same skills that
independent artists like you use day in and day out to survive
and thrive in the new music market. 

Last time we were together I introduced you to Fast Freddie who
had a Fanatical Fan Club but really didn't take the time to
develop any other skills. In spite of his inability to sell many
CDs, and his pitiful booking schedule, Freddie still managed to
bring in a little over six-figures in income. 

This time we are going to take a look at the next of our five
artists on his quest to make $100,000 a year. Today you'll meet
MacDaddi, who is a graphic designer and hardcore rapper from
south Philly. You'll see how his constant craving for new merch
helps him to arrive at his $100k. 

So lets start the camera rolling...

[Scene Three, Act One] Camera opens on one MacDaddi, A Philly rap
artist with street cred and mad design skills. 

MacDaddi's Merchandise Mania

We find MacDaddi hard at work stirring up a decent following in
the South Philly streets. His success is due in part to his
connections on the street and his penchant for designing tons of
new products for his crew to wear. Part of what his fans love
about him is how he ties his philosophical truths into his
rhymes. Mac, as his friends call him, basically has a philosophy
on everything but specifically on the art and science of

In his own words, his philosophy goes like this: "When my people
are stirred by my mad beats and soulful rhymes I find that they
want to take action of some kind. What I did is to find a way to
channel that action into picking up my creations. This all works
in a circular or 'symbiotic' system - the more products I have on
the streets, the greater the awareness about me there is. This
greater awareness builds buzz, which in turn grows my crowds,
which in turn sells more merch. It's as simple as that."

For all of his philosophical depth, Mac has not yet discovered
the inherent value of gigging. So unlike our first subject,
Gidget, Mac doesn't really focus on getting himself booked into
better gigs with more and more new faces. Instead he much prefers
to spend his time behind his computer screen with a nice cup of
Earl Grey tea and his recently upgraded graphic-design software. 

As far as booking goes - Mac really performs only two to four
"hit and run" gigs per week. He calls them "hit-and-run" because
they are usually quick sets for parties and local clubs with no
set up or sound checks. Mac just goes in, grabs the mic, does his
thing, sells his merch and gets out so that he can get back to
designing stuff. All told Mac's gigs even out to about 3 per
week. He does some promotions but not much more than emails and
mass text messages to notify his fans when he has a gig,
consequently Mac Daddi only gets crowds averaging 100 people. 

According to "Twiggy,"[Mac's pet name for his computer] he made
$39,000 a year from his gigs alone.

To see how Mac's computer figured this out is truly a thing of
beauty. Mac wrote a special program that has Twiggy ask him
random questions in a conversational format, and then from his
conversations he is able to determine the profitability of Mac's
business ventures. If you could have seen what Twiggy did behind
the scenes you would have seen that Twiggy took the total of
Mac's crowd size, which is 100 people and multiplied it by his
gigs per week, which are 3. The computer then multiplied that
figure, which is 300, by the $2.50 per head that Mac gets as his
average fee or split of the cover charges and drink sales. The
calculations at this point are $750 per week directly from
gigging. Next Twiggy took the $750 and multiplied it by the total
number of weeks in a year, which is 52, and arrived at a yearly
total of $39,000.

Ok, back to the story. Mac has one distinguishing business asset
that makes up for his lack of fervor in the gigging department:
he designs some of the most incredible merch you have ever seen.
Actually his merchandise is so "dope" that on average 50% of his
crowds will end up buying something from him. 

Now, the break down of the sales works out to this:

Each week Mac sells on average 63 of his CD  "Don't question
MacDaddi"- which received great reviews in the underground zine,
Bounce. The CDs cost him $2.50 each create and manufacture. This
includes the cost of a studio equipped with the most expensive
keyboards and samplers you could want, and one cheap microphone
for vocals. This leaves Mac with a profit of $9.50 per CD. When
multiplied by the number of sales he has per week (63) times the
number of weeks in a year (52), Mac Daddi's grand total is
$31,122 a year in sales from his newest CD.

Twiggy has been so kind to keep up a running total for us, which
is currently: $70,122 from CD sales and gigging.

Mac - in his never ending design spree - just came out with his
latest creation the "Represent" t-shirt, which he sells for
$15.00 each. They cost him $6 a shirt for the blank shirt plus
printing which leaves him a $9 per shirt profit. Twiggy
calculates that he sells on average 8 of these shirts per gig. He
multiplies the 8 sales by the $9 per shirt profit, and then by
Mac's 156 gigs per year [3 gigs per week times 52 weeks a year],
for a net profit of $11,232.

Twiggy's running total is now $81,354 

Since he is always coming out with something new, Mac also has
some older shirt designs that he sells a few of here and there.
Since they are not "new" designs Mac feels compelled to discount
them to $12 each. The cost to print is the same as for the
"Represent" shirt, so Mac's profit per shirt is lowered to $6.
Twiggy has figured out that Mac sells on an average 4 of these
older designs per gig - which in all truth are less than six
months old but Mac is a merchandise maniac after all. When
multiplied by his 156 gigs per, year these additional shirt sales
bring him $3,744 per year. 

Twiggy now computes the running total to be $85,098

Just like the t-shirts, Mac has four older CD titles that he also
discounts because the beats are not as fresh as his new material.
His selling price is only $10 each. The good thing with these
crusty old recordings (most of them less than a year old) is that
the production costs are now paid off, so Mac's cost is now down
to $1.50 per CD. That makes his profit a reasonable $8.50 per CD.
Twiggy finds that Mac sells on average 10 units total between the
four different titles. Twiggy knows that 10 units multiplied by
Mac's 156 gigs per year, multiplied by the $8.50 per CD profit
nets him $13,260 per year.

Twiggy's new Running Total: $98,358
In a shocking revelation one late autumn evening, Mac came to
realization that he is a very good-looking character.
Consequently he decided to add autographed glossy photos to his
lineup of merchandise. Now even though Mac knew how good he
looked, he was still surprised at how well these things sold. Mac
found that he was able to get on average 5 people a night who
would pay him $2 each for a photo of him posing next to his rich
uncle Jake's Lincoln Navigator. The photos cost Mac $.50 each to
reproduce, and net him a buck fifty each. Twiggy did the math by
multiplying 5 sales per gig times 156 gigs a year at $1.50 each.
All told Mac realized a $1,170 yearly income from sale of his
autographed 8x10 glossy.

Running Total $99,528

The last Items on MacDaddi's merch table are buttons that were
originally designed to go on hats and jackets but his crew likes
to pin them on the seat belt pads of their rides. Mac is able to
sell an average of 3 of these per gig. Half of the sales are from
customers who smashed their last ones when they shut the doors on
their seatbelts. But Mac doesn't mind the repeat business because
he makes an average of $1.50 from each button he sells. [Note: he
sells the buttons for $2 each and his cost is $.50, which is
$1.50 profit per button]. Mac sells an average of 3 buttons per
night which when multiplied by his 156 gigs per year brings his
yearly profit from buttons to a whopping $702. 

Twiggy adds that to the running total of $99,645 and arrives at a
final yearly income of  $100,230 for MacDaddi's Merchandising

There's the MacDaddi way to handle business. Not bad for a rapper
with some design skills, or is it a designer with some rap

[Editors Note: Mac was last seen behind his computer designing up
his latest line of products - hats with the logo off center so
that the logo is facing forward when they're worn sideways. Good
luck Mac!]

Next time we'll take a look at Randy's path to $100k. Randy is a
recording nut. He records 2 CDs a year, plus all his live
performances, music videos and even behind the scenes
documentaries. We'll see how Randy's recording ready attitude
pushes his income to the six-figure mark.

SEAN FARRINGTON is a Band Coach and Studio Mix Engineer from
California. He has been a full time music industry professional
for over 12 years. During this time he has worked with hundreds
of bands and artists in various capacities from the studio to the

He authored the book Band:Profit which is designed to help
independent bands, solo artists, and performers take their
passion for music and turn it into profit. 

Sean lives with his wife Aimee and four children in Sacramento.

You can check out his site and the book at

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    " O N   S I T E "   F E A T U R E D   A R T I C L E :

Pandora's Box On The Internet - by Jerry Flattum (© 2006)

In Greek mythology, Pandora was the first woman on Earth. Her
name means "all gifted," but of course, most people know about
her through the myth of Pandora's Box. The Gods gave Pandora a
box and she was told not to open it. Being naturally curious, she
opened it, and out flew all the evils of the world. Well, the
myth has since undergone several interpretations and Pandora's
Box can mean just about anything you want it to mean. Meanwhile, is one of the most exciting music endeavors on the
Internet. Masquerading as a kind of Internet radio, instead of
unleashing evil, is a way to experience new music
without commercialized agendas. For songwriters, it's a
songwriting tool. 

Get Your Ducks In A Row - by Tim Ogle (© 2006)

Let's talk about getting your ducks in a row this month.
Being Cool: A Musician's Delimma - by Jerry Flattum (© 2006)

More a blog entry than an article, I decided to get a bit
personal, and discuss an issue that has plagued me for years: why
so many musicians I've met think they're so cool. Why is this an
issue? Despite the fact that the music industry is primarily
centered around love songs, it is not love I find in the trenches
or at the top. Instead, I've encountered a steady stream of
cocky, immature, self-indulgent and insecure flock of superstar
wannabe's who rarely rise above big fish in a little pond...and
the pond is polluted. I don't see clear waters in the bigger
ocean of commercial success either. 
Are We There Yet? Part 3: Promotion - by Seth Milliner (© 2006)

So now let's talk promotion (a.k.a. "promo"). As you float along
the river of occupational music & ministry you're going to have
to admit to yourself sooner or later that there's a degree of
success that's dependent upon proper and appropriate promo. 
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