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Issue 9.7 - October 2006
ISSN 1480-6975

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@-- Editor's Musings
@-- Music Reviews - Chip Withrow, JJ Biener, Gian Fiero
                    and Francesco Emmanuel
@-- New Artist Spotlight Additions
@-- Songwriting Book Review - by James Linderman
@-- Musical Notes - Songwriting Contests & Market Info.
@-- Muse's Clues - Songwriting Web sites that inspire - brought
    to you by singer/songwriter & teacher, Irene Jackson.
@-- Featured Article - Power Words: How to Make Your Song Lyrics
                       Stronger - by Stan Swanson
@-- On Site Featured Article - An article already online for your
    viewing pleasure.
@-- Classifieds & Useful Services
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Berkleemusic also offers online courses and certificate programs
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E d i t o r ' s   M u s i n g s :

Hello again for another month.  I have a few things to mention -
some good, and some not so good.  First off though, the good
news. :)

We have a new columnist!  His name is Jeff Oxenford.  Jeff will
be talking about his journey into songwriting and the lessons
he's learned - and is still learning - along the way. His new
column is called "Still Learning After All These Years" and his
first article is up (at  so I invite you
to take a look. Feel free to email him if you have questions or
if there's a particular subject you'd like to see him deal with.

Also, in the "something you might be interested in" department,
on November 4, NSAI’s Salt Lake City, Utah Chapter will present a
special workshop by Pete and Pat Luboff: "Life's a Pitch, and
Then You Get Cuts! All you need to know about pitching your
songs." For more information, visit .  This
might be of particular use for many of you out there and I invite
you to check it out.

Ok.  Now, unfortunately, the bad news.  Due to some major life
changing issues in James Linderman's life (they're explained in
slightly more detail at the bottom of his latest - and last -
Muse's News book review), James will be leaving the staff here at
the newsletter and will no longer be able to co-host the radio
show.  Radio Muse #14 will still be produced as it's well
underway.  After that, I'll be looking for someone else to host

If you're local (or at least within half hour driving distance)
to Newmarket, Ontario, Canada, and you have recording equipment
with which to produce a show, I'd love to hear from you about
this.  If that's the case, we might still be able to co-host the
show together (or I could host and you could record.  Whatever
works best for you).  However, I'm not expecting that.  Finding
someone that close would be a miracle - the way I'm quite sure
James was. :)  If you happen to have a home studio, a good
speaking voice, and the interest in producing radio shows from
your own location (wherever that happens to be), I'm open to that
too.  Email me at for more details so that we
can discuss things, ok?  

I'll also be needing someone to take over the book reviews
(there's one a month, and you get to keep a copy of the book or
other product you review) so feel free to write to me if you're
interested in doing that, too.  Thanks, guys.

James, I know things are likely to get pretty hectic for you, but
I sincerely hope everything works out well for you and your
family.  You've been a fantastic asset to this newsletter and
website throughout the years and I thank you HUGELY for
everything you've contributed.  It's been fantastic working with
you.  I hope we get the opportunity to work together in the
future, however far ahead that might be.  

Without further ado, here are the raffle winners for this month:

* Mike Mannino from Wayne, NJ, has won a copy of
Virtual Studio Systems' Lyricist software

* Jim, the "Orange Yodeler" Dautry from Chatt, TN, has won a copy
of Bronson Herrmuth's "100 Miles To A Record Deal"

* David Taylor from Skokie, IL, has won a copy of Roger Burnley's
EZ Vocal Method (reviewed below).

Enjoy the newsletter and have a wonderful month! 

All the best,


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Overall Grand Prize worth over US$10,000, which includes radio
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will be heard on radio show: Acoustic Cafe and XM Radio and
featured on our CD compilation. 

EARLY ENTRY BONUS: First 1,000 entrants will receive a free gift.
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M u s i c   R e v i e w s : Chip Withrow, JJ Biener, Gian Fiero
                            and Francesco Emmanuel


Gian Fiero:

* The Rivington Project
* Patricia Julien Project
* Trevor Justice

Francesco Emmanuel:

* Keith Pyle
* Tvfordogs
* Karen Blixt

Chip Withrow:

* Cyan

JJ Biener:

* Walter Trout


For bios on each of the reviewers, see . If you're considering
sending in your own CD for review, you can also view that page to
find out which reviewer reviews your genre. Thanks!

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N e w   A r t i s t   S p o t l i g h t   A d d i t i o n s :  

Great music is only a click away!  
Here are just some of the great CDs highlighted in the 
Artist Spotlight section of The Muse's Muse at 

IT'S HALLOWEEN with Victor R. Vampire & Friends - Genre: NOVELTY

Get ready for Halloween fun with this family-friendly album
featuring the unique vocals of Victor R. Vampire and Friends. Put
on your dancin' shoes and party! Songs include: It's Halloween,
Werewolf Love, The Pumpkin Twist, Zombie Hop, Doin' the Monster,
Halloween Stomp, Bottom of the Bag, Freaks Night Out, + 5 more.

S o n g w r i t i n g   B o o k   R e v i e w : by James Linderman

Roger Burnley's EZ Vocal Method by Roger Burnley
I always felt that a talent for singing was something that you
were either born with...or without. 

In our family, my brother was the singer, born with the gift of a
wonderful voice while I had to slave away on the guitar and piano
to compensate for the lack of natural singing ability that "the
powers that be" had denied me. 

With this in mind you can only imagine how thrilled I was when I
popped in Roger Burnley's EZ Vocal Method to hear Roger Burnley
say that much of what was not so great about a singing voice
could be corrected with proper training and that this training
was the very content of the DVD I was about to watch.

Burnley is a well known and respected vocal teacher in Hollywood
and has coached Grammy Award Winners and beginners alike. Some of
his better known clients include Macy Gray, Jacob Young (All My
Children), Nona Gaye (Marvin Gaye's daughter), Lori Loughlin
(Summerland), Kelli Martin, Warren Hill, Adam Yauch (Beastie
Boys), Dee Dee Warwick and many more.

The DVD starts out with a lesson in the physical science of the
voice which, I know, does not sound all that fascinating but
somehow manages to be extremely interesting. For the first time,
I began to understand how my voice works and what I do when I
sing that causes my range to be so limited and my tone to be so
thin and nasal.

Exercise 1 is all about drilling on lip trills which is a staple
with most of the really great singers I play guitar for. Burnley
has a foolproof method, however, that I have never seen before,
assuring that you are keeping all the parts of your voice box in
the optimal location for singing with ease... thus the name "EZ
Vocal Method".
He also talks about problems with pitch as being not only a
disconnect between the perceived sound and what the voice
produces, but also a demonstration that it can be a skill that is
lacking only because it was not technically facilitated
correctly. That really got my attention.

Each exercise has its own segment on the DVD, like chapters of a
book.  Each exercise focuses on a certain technical problem and
solution in a systematic and logical pattern. 

Each segment also features a demonstration of each particular
technical exercise with a real student in a setting very much
like a private lesson. There is a lot of discourse between the
teacher and student and both demonstrate the featured exercise. 

This, of course, makes the DVD very friendly for use at home as
you watch not only the teacher but also a fellow student work
through the material.  It is evident throughout the DVD that
Burnley is a very skilled teacher and an exceptionally clear

Students are shown solving problems with range, power, tone,
enunciation and pitch accuracy right before your eyes and ears.

The DVD also comes with the exercises on an accompanying CD for
use when audio is available but video is not.

Roger Burnley's EZ Vocal Method would be a smart purchase for
anyone like myself who feels that he or she just doesn't have a
God-given talent for singing and wants a sure fire way of
correcting that injustice. 

It would also be an exceptional maintenance program for
accomplished vocalists and even pro singers.

Pick up a copy of Roger Burnley's EZ Vocal Method at . 

NEWS: *** During the summer, The Muses News music book reviewer,
James Linderman and his wife were unexpectedly granted custody of
2 children from their extended family. Due to this change in
family dynamic, James will sadly be leaving music journalism,
including his work with The Muse's News and Radio Muse. James
extends his heartfelt thanks to Jodi Krangle, the book authors
and, of course, the Muse News readers who have made writing the
book reviews so enjoyable over the last five years. ***

James Linderman lives and works at theharmonyhouse, a music
lesson, songwriting and recording pre-production facility in
Newmarket, Ontario.  James writes songwriting articles and music
book reviews for The Muse's News, Canadian Musician Magazine,
Songwriters Magazine, and Professional Musician Magazine. His
writing is also featured in the James Linderman Wing of the
library at  James has a Canadian University and
American College education in music theory and composition and is
also pretty good at making up songs and playing the guitar. 

Contact James at:  

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"This remarkable piece of software turns your Mac or PC into a
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Winner Best of Show Macworld 2003

M u s i c a l   N o t e s : Songwriting Contests & Market Info.

In the interest of conserving space, I will only be including
changes to this listing in this newsletter.  All other contests
and market information that have already been listed here, are
displayed at & . Please check there
regularly for updates!

Artists, should you quit your day job? Find out by taking
advantage of's Annual "2 for 1" Song Review
opportunity. For a limited time, you can submit one song for the
regular review fee of $35 and submit a second song to be reviewed
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any time in the future. PLUS, songs with a review score of 7 or
higher (10 being best), receive a $10 credit to enter the "Best
of CD - Volume 5" contest on
Click here to get started.
FOR SONGWRITERS AND ARTISTS, Los Angeles, CA   October 15th, 2006

If you have lived in Los Angeles for any length of time, you know
how it feels to be a little fish in a big pond.  You can't fill a
club until you get a fan base.  You can't get a fan base until
you get booked.  You can't get booked until you can fill a club.
And all of it comes down to talent, skill, and timing.  This
monthly workshop series "Undiscovered" provides songwriters and
artists the chance to hone their craft and build their fan base.
The event is led by Andrea Stolpe, instructor of songwriting at, and author of Berkleemusic's songwriting course
Commercial Songwriting Techniques..  Andrea's songs have been
recorded by Faith Hill, Josh Gracin, and Daniel Lee Martin among
others.  This month's workshop focus will be melody writing.
Bring a song for critique and to apply the techniques presented.  

October 15th at Tangier Restaurant and Lounge. The cost is just
40$.  Sign up with a friend and receive $20 off.

To register, send an email to  For
more information, visit  Space is limited,
so register early for the chance to perform.

A unique opportunity to represent your country and win an
international songwriting award from The Music Aid Organization
(the United Nations music partner at The best
entries will receive Gold Disc Awards and the top songs will be
on the desks of the world's music executives and record
companies. There are also categories for bands, solo artists,
producers and instrumental composers. The top entries will have
their songs sold as downloads on the Music Aid International
website and the international media spotlight will be turned on
when a United Nations UNV specialist PR team promotes national
and international winners and finalists in a campaign of
worldwide press releases and media announcements. Visit: - Deadline: November 15, 2006
This highly coveted workshop lead by industry insider and author
of the hit book, Confessions of a Record Producer, will be in Los
Angeles on November 18-19.  Learn insider's tips on how the music
business REALLY works. Early bird rates expire soon. For more
information go to, or call 323-665-9318.
Lawyers can receive CLE 13 credits. Use the product code "moses1"
and receive a 20% discount. 

"Not one single music business workshop in the last ten years
comes at a close second."

--Dave Paton, Booking Agent: Van Halen, Tom Petty, Twisted Sister

Snickers is offering consumers a chance to win $25,000 just for
singing a song all about America's number one selling candy bar.
The Snickers “Satisfaction Sing-Off” invites fans to prove their
love for the candy bar by writing and performing an original ode
that celebrates how Snickers satisfies them. Contestants must
include Snickers' four satisfying ingredients, peanuts,
chocolate, caramel and nougat, in their songs. Lifetime Snickers
fan Nick Lachey will participate as one of the judges during the
finals event in Los Angeles later this year. For detailed
information about the contest, including a special greeting from
Nick Lachey, an official entry form and contest rules, log on to Deadline: October 14, 2006

A Chicago novelist, a retired Marine Corps captain from
Minnesota, a recent graduate of Northwestern University, and a
former child actress from New York City: These are just four of
the 11 winners of the 2006 Great Lakes Songwriting Contest. For
more on the winners, and information on the new 2007 contest, go

Download's free and easy Copyright Kit. Print
Copyright forms, Copyright submission process, handy tips &
tricks, choosing the right form, and more. 
The Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity at Yale University is
sponsoring the Reshape Your Attitude competition to raise
awareness about the discrimination and pain faced by overweight
people. The winning entry will be a sound or audio file about
weight stigma. It could be a song, animation, short film or any
other genre – so long as it does not run over 3 minutes. The
winning entry will be made available on the center’s website for
download and sharing.
No entry fee. $1,000 prize. Deadline: October 23, 2006
To enter and see contest rules, please visit,

It's time to crack open the second annual Broadjam 6-Pack
Competition! Inside, you'll find 6 individual songwriting
challenges taking place between June and October 2006. Ranging
from best music video to top original birthday song, each
challenge looks for songs or videos based on a different theme or
objective.  Over $50,000 in great prizes are awarded to three
winners in each challenge plus 20 overall winners. Best of all,
the participant who guzzles down the most points throughout all 6
challenges wins the grand prize package, worth over $14,000!
Deadline to enter is October 16th.  For more info or to enter
please visit

Music Gorilla works with Bands, Musicians, Artists and
Songwriters to get their original material into the eyes and ears
of industry members who have the ability to take their careers to
the next level. We work with Reps from Major Labels, Indie Labels
and Film Studios. Our artists get access to free submissions for
film, TV and video games, they are eligible for free live label
showcases, digital distribution with MSN and Loudeye and more. We
don’t take any piece of any deals made on our site, and have had
many successes including placement, songwriting and publishing

Muse's Muse artists get 10% off of memberships!
Just enter the promotional code "muse" during registration.

Tony Butterworth, a home musician and advocate for home based
music, has released his new internet based program, The Home Made
Hit Show, featuring exciting and original rock, acoustic, blues
and pop music made by home based artists. The Home Made Hit Show
strives to deliver top quality, original, home based rock, pop,
blues and acoustic music to its listeners. "After years of being
disillusioned with popular music, I was ready for a change", said
Butterworth, "After taking up guitar and making a few of my own
songs, I discovered a huge online community of amateur musicians,
many of them producing songs of a quality that simply astounded
Please listen in and and send songs and
comments to 

Pete & Pat Luboff will pay for the phone call for Muse's Muse
songwriters who use the Luboffs' songwriting consultation
service. The service provides detailed, constructive song
analysis, answers to all your creative and business questions and
references to contacts when appropriate. Visit for more information.

It's important for your website to be found once it's created. We
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M u s e ' s    C l u e s :  by Irene Jackson

©1998-2006 Moonstone Productions All Rights Reserved. 
Used By Permission

Sometimes I realize how quickly the world is moving ahead of me.
It takes me awhile to catch up to everything...only to find that
the world has changed yet again!  This time, I'm talking
specifically about the web.  When I first got online back in
1995, most websites had a dull grey background, some text and no
pictures!  Now it seems that every day there is some new way to
use it or some new invention that incorporates it. 

You've probably heard of blogs by now.  Well, I have, too.  Most
of the time, I've assumed that a blog is just a self-indulgent
diary of some sort where a person can spout opinions on anything
and everything.  I guess that's probably true of many of them!
But I've come across a couple of very interesting blogs
specifically to do with songwriting.  The first one is the
Blogging Muses (, a collection of
articles and tips and advice on songwriting submitted by several
contributors.  This isn't your typical blog in that it isn't a
running dialogue, it works more like a regular website with its
list of articles.  But it has the advantage of making the
articles into interactive discussions because you can post your
comments just as you can with other blogs.  Some of the topics
covered are "N.Y. vs. Nashville", "10 Best Gadgets For
Songwriters" and "What To Do If You Suck at Singing"!
Another great blog that I came across is the Graham English blog
(  He has some really
interesting "Ear Training" articles (try the Shaolin Ear Training
technique for yourself!) but he also covers the music business,
music theory, and of course, songwriting.  He also has a podcast
with his completed original music and another one where you can
hear his music in progress.  In fact, there are so many bits and
pieces to this website it'll take you hours to get through it

As songwriters we are often encouraged to write in journals in
order to get a flow of ideas happening, so why would it surprise
me that there are so many songwriting blogs out there?  The two
I've given you are a drop in the bucket as to what you might
find.  Go ahead and do a Google search for songwriting blog and
you'll see what I mean!  Happy blog hunting!

Irene Jackson is a performing songwriter from Victoria, BC in
Canada. Aside from writing, recording and performing, she also
maintains a website for songwriters that includes tips, articles
and a songwriter's messageboard.

Songwriting Tips:
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F e a t u r e d   A r t i c l e : by Stan Swanson - © 2006

Power Words: How to Make Your Song Lyrics Stronger
All songwriters struggle with their lyrics to their songs from
time to time. It's one of the "hazards" of the trade. And many
times we settle for words that aren't what we mean or don't carry
enough punch. Even songwriters whose strength is their lyrics
don't always take the proper amount of time to choose their words

The solution to this problem is to use words I call "power
words." These are words that instantly paint a picture the moment
you hear them. They are words that demand your attention and make
you sit up and take notice. They are the words that make your
song more than just ordinary. And isn't that what we all strive

Power words are words that are meant to inspire, whether it is
the songwriter coaxing the muse out of the closet or the listener
placing a new release in the CD player. They are the words that
make your song stand out from the pack. (Of course, this applies
to other styles of writing as well, whether you write poetry,
fiction or even non-fiction. There is always a place for power
words in any writing style.) 

Power words convey strength and character. They are usually
nouns, but can also be adjectives or adverbs. If you were using
power words to describe a person, these would be words like
radiant, robust, dashing, charming and charismatic. Power words,
however, don't need to be positive words. Descriptive words like
monster, shocking, gruesome and hellish are also power words. 

Words like "beautiful" or "ugly" aren't power words in my
dictionary of songwriting definitions. Which sounds better:
"she's beautiful" or "she's enchanting"? Enchanting, of course,
is a much better choice. It says so much more. And "he's grungy"
or "he's grotesque" is more powerful than "he's ugly". 

A good definition of a "power word" is a word that when written,
read, spoken or heard immediately suggests something
extraordinary. They are words that startle or inspire or make you
vividly see something. 

Magic, for example, is a power word. When you hear the word it is
like, well... "magic." No doubt about it. A word like
refrigerator is not a power word. Castle, crystal, heaven,
hurricane, guillotine and vagabond are all power words.
Lawnmower, microwave, garage, doorknob and pencil are not. See
the difference? Now I'm not saying you couldn't write a song
about a lawnmower or a pencil, but they certainly aren't power

Fill your songs (or your poetry or short story or novel) with
power words and good, original metaphors. Paint images as if you
were an artist putting brush to canvas. You are not simply
picking words at random. You are painting with words. Don't
settle for a two dollar word when there's a hundred dollar gem
waiting for you to discover it. 

You can also use power words in a free association exercise to
create your next song. It's simple. 

Take a blank sheet of paper and jot down several power words at
random around the page. Next add a few solid, descriptive verbs.
(By this we mean to use verbs like "soar" instead of "fly" or
"screamed" in place of "said".) Add a few adjectives and/or
adverbs on the page and, presto, you have the beginnings of your
next song. Take a good look at the sheet of paper and draw
connecting lines between words that seem to go together. You
might be surprised at what you can come up with using this simple

Power words are the foundation for your songs. Use them as much
as you can. Make them part of your title and/or hook so that your
song gets noticed. Read through your finished lyrics and replace
weak words. Don't be afraid to use a thesaurus. It's not against
the rules of songwriting. After all, there are no rules in

Sit down with pen in hand and create your own "power word" list.
It doesn't matter if you're trying to write a song or not. Keep
these words and ideas in your notebook. If you don't have a
notebook, you should. Keep it handy at all times. You never know
when you might require a title or hook for a song you'll be
creating weeks, months or even years from now. 

(Power words also make great names for bands, musical groups or
titles for your next CD!)  

Excerpt from "Inspiration for Songwriters" by Stan Swanson
( The book is available through Amazon
and Stony Meadow Publishing

Stan is the author of "Inspiration for Songwriters: Tips and
Tricks to Unlocking the Muse" ( as well
as a fantasy novel for young adults (ages 12 and up) "The Dragons
of Shadara" ( He is currently working
on a new book for songwriters, "The Songwriter's Journal: 52
Weeks of Songwriting Ideas and Inspiration" which should be
available by the end of the year. You can visit his web sites at
Inspiration for Songwriters
( or Stony Meadow
Publishing ( for
information on other upcoming book titles. He is also working on
his first CD, "Driving Down to Eden."

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    " O N   S I T E "   F E A T U R E D   A R T I C L E :

Main Street and Back Alleys - by Jerry Flattum (© 2006)

Inde labels and artists range from Middle-eastern New Age to
Religious Rap. Majors are no longer turning a blind eye to the
Inde world. Getting signed is not the problem. Turning a profit
is. But is superstardom the final destination? 

Four Steps Towards a Creative Dream - by Linda Dessau (© 2006)

When you start to gain awareness into the things that are
blocking you from moving towards your creative dream, you get a
clear picture of the pain that what you're doing now (as well as
what you're NOT doing) is causing you. And it’s pain that
generally motivates us to take action and change our lives. 

The Real World - Exploring Issues Raised by Readers 
- by Guy Betar (© 2006)

This article describes some real fact scenarios experienced by
readers and looks at some of the important legal and commercial
issues their experiences and questions raise. 
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