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Andrew H By Andrew H

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The performance and expression of musical thought has changed dramatically with the introduction of technology:  Microphones, vinyl, speakers, radio, electric guitars, music videos, computers,  DAWs, MP3s, MySpace... all of these have altered and expanded the ways in which music is expressed and disseminated.

In an exploration of music related technologies, common issues in the employment of these technologies will be discussed, suggestions will be made, and an exchange of ideas will - hopefully - commence: With each article, a thread in the Muse's Muse forum, will be opened up to discuss points made or issues discussed in the article, and you - the reader -  are invited to participate in expressing your own views on the subject manner.

So please read the article, and then make your opinion heard.

A short bio


A short bio:
Andrew H is a student studying Music, History & Sonic Design (Computer Music) at Carleton University, with a vested interest in music and technology. These interests have lead him into working on small-scale production work, including audio, video, print and web design. Andrew's experiences at University, in work, and otherwise has let him to become knowledgeable in the realms of psychoacoustics, computer culture, and new media, and he is always interested in hearing the opinions of others on his ideas. So feel free to visit the @music forum to tell him what you think.

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