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Contacting the A&R Represenatives
By Cyrus Rhodes - 02/01/2010 - 01:05 PM EST

Chances are if your music is good, there is a A&R looking for it right now. So why not put your music directly on their desk? IMD has an extensive A&R Registry “A List” that lists hundreds of A&R Representatives around the country and abroad to help get your music noticed. The A&R Representative is the gatekeeper to your deal. IMD highly recommends you include the following in your package

- Formal Letter

- Your latest CD

- Press Pack or a link to EPK

- Band Pics

- “1” Sheet

- Free stuff is good

- Reliable contact Information

- Copy of your latest Tour Schedule

- A personal Invite out to a show

Be sure to follow up each package with a formal phone call or e-mail correspondence to help it get your package recognized. Above all its a professional representation of you as an artist. Most of the A&R's I've been in contact with welcome these kinds of professional looking packages & give each one a fair & honest assessment. Do not contact a A&R Representative unless you've been in the business for at least a year.

TIP OF THE DAY I know of one band in particular that not only invited an A&R Representative out to one of their shows, they also covered all her traveling expenses, bought her dinner, and even picked up her hotel tab for the evening. The label was so blown away by this level of professionalism; they gave the band a 5 year recording contract. Anything you can do to not only get their attention, but make a lasting professional impression is the name of the game.

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