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A FOND FAREWELL (for now, anyway)
By Cheryl Mullen - 06/11/2013 - 10:48 PM EDT

I hope youíll forgive me if my thoughts come out a little jumbled. I had a nasty online exchange with someone earlier today, and nearly three hours later as I write this it still has me upset. Note to everyone in the cyberverse: It really IS possible to disagree with someone without getting mean and snarky or taking cheap shots.

This will be my ďfinalĒ writing for the Museís Muse. I say ďfinalĒ because who knows? I might come back here at some point. Never say never. But Iím thinking that now is probably a good time to move on.

I want to make it very clear that my decision to stop writing here has nothing to do with the lovely and talented (and infinitely patientówith ME, anyway) Jodi Krangle. For those who donít know, Jodi is the webmistress of this here site. Many who have taken the time to read my musings over the years (THANK YOU!) have somehow come under the impression that this is my website. Itís not. I just write for it. The site is Jodiís, and she deserves all the credit. So go give her some cyberlove in whatever small way you can.

When I first started writing for the Museís Muse, blogging wasnít the big common thing that it is today. The idea of being able to write something and have it immediately available online, with or without your own computer, was a new and thrilling concept. But now blogs are everywhere, and you donít need permission from someone else who runs a website to start one.

For a variety of reasons (chief among them the inability to light a fire under my own ass) itís gotten incredibly difficult for me to write something column-length on a regular basis, and even more difficult to do it within the more-than-reasonably flexible deadlines Jodi has for cranking out her monthly e-zine. I havenít written a column here in over a year. And itís not that I havenít had anything to say, itís just that I have random thoughts that donít take a column-length essay to express.

So itís time for me to do things in my own way and in my own time. My new blog is called Life On a Song, and you can find it at Sometimes it will be about music, sometimes it will be about life on the cheap, and sometimes it will be about life in general. Because hey, itís my blog and I can do what I want! Just donít expect it to look real pretty. has a lot of bells and whistles that I havenít figured out yet. I may have a talent for writing, but not for page design.

So come join meÖbut donít be mean and snarky or Iíll have to block your ass.

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