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2005 Muse's Muse Awards For Miscellaneous
By Gian F - 11/05/2005 - 02:32 AM EST

These remaining Muse's Muse Awards are given to recognize excellence in miscellaneous categories that doesn't necessarily pertain to songwriting or recording projects, but are nonetheless noteworthy. Some are my predictions.


Best Chance Of Achieving Commercial Success: Sara Bareilles
Best Chance Of Winning A Grammy: Sara Bareilles
Best Chance Of Becoming A Legend: Sara Bareilles

Best Vocals: Ebony

Her voice contains the perfect blend of rawness, refinement, control, precision, and soul to effectively do straight r&b, hip-hop, pop/r&b, or whatever derivative genre she chooses to do. Her power and range deliver the emotions that many of today's young r&b divas lack - without the extraneous vocal adlibs.

Best Musicianship: Jennifer Greer

The jazzy/ambient flavored songs on her sopohmore project combine superb musicianship with superior songwriting skills that are a punctuated by her cogent lyrics and an emotionally stimulating voice; a proven formula for critical acclaim.

Best Band: Typhoon Ferri

They cover the full spectrum: musically, lyrically, vocally, emotionally...and their drummer kicks ass!

Best Lyrics: Sara Bareilles, Jen Woodhouse, Jennifer Greer, Rebekah Jordan, Preeta

Best Chance To Headline A Major Tour: Typhoon Ferri

When talent, passion, and dedication arrive at the same meeting place, great things occur.

Best Chance To Get Immediate Radio Airplay: Wayna, Sara Bareilles

Best Chance To Appear On MTV: Mardo

Simply put: they have the X-Factor.

Best Performance Of A Cover Song: "I Want A New Drug" - Mardo

While many in the music industry debate when and how to properly "cover" a hit song, there are some artists who do what they want with it; diminishishing memories of the orginal version in the process. That's the case with their wickedly funky version of "I Want A New Drug," originally done by San Francisco Bay Area rockers, Huey Lewis and the News. It's captivating and can't be listened to just once. You will listen to it twice before moving on to the rest of the songs on this project - it's just that good.

Best Rendition Of A Cover Song: "Dreams" - Rebekah Jordan

Rebekah's somber cover of this Stevie Nicks classic aptly showcases the range of emotions that she can perform with credibility.

Best Chance Of Getting A Publishing Deal: Ebony

When you visit her website and see her credits you may think, "Of course he would say that!" The truth is, I would say this if I heard her performing these songs at Starbucks on a banjo. She has major commercial talent!

Best Ballad: "The Reason Why" - Eliot Popkin

"...His most commercial song (and the front-runner for my best ballad of 2005 Muse's Muse Award) is "The Reason Why," a piano and voice track that is significantly enhanced by a captivating string arrangement that brilliantly illuminates both the power and sincerity of Eliot's voice..." That was in July 2005. He is now the hands-down winner.

Best Party Track: "Flower" - P.J. Olsson

It's got an old-school kick with some Minneapolis flavor and it's fun...representing a flower, a single flower...representing love!

Best Originality: Muller and Patton

The commercial value of this project stems from its originality and uniqueness - not from its ability to mirror current chart-topping songs or modern production techniques. On the contrary, it is purely organic; utilizing bass, drums, guitar, flugelhorn, and trumpet with a retro-sixties/seventies twist.

Best Break out Potential:

This award is given to developing artists who may not have received the highest scores in their reviews, but have high potential to receive them on their future projects.

Best Break out Potential Female: Juliet Lloyd

Best Break out Potential Male: Ray Ray

Best Engineered: Project Title: "Neversay" - Artist: Neversay, Engineered by Peter Amato and Jess Sutcliffe

Best Produced: Project Title: "I Came To Play" - Artist: Natalise, Produced by Chris Carter and James Earley

Best Video Female: Natalise - "Get Me Off"

Quality videos are difficult on an indie level - especially when working with an indie budget. Natalise and her crew show that resourcefulness and creativity are valuable assets to have. You can download the video from her site.

Best Video Male: Anders Holst - "Love Me Like A River."

What a video! Anders Holst, the international man of intrigue romancing the spy who is out to get him. Great plot. Great story. Great results! This is the kind of promotional vehicle that can take Anders places in his career. Very well done. What a stud.

Best Website Female: Rebekah Jordan

An artistic, functional site that is designed with understated elegance and class. It complements Rebekah and her adult alternative style of music just perfectly.

Best Website Male: Hilsyde

His website is equal to, if not great than, those of major label artists.

Best Promotional Package: Jen Woodhouse

Jen's package was just oozing with her creativity and artistry. One of the few times when a package looked as good it sounded.

Thanks for a year of really great music. The bar will be raised even higher next year. I look forward to receiving your new projects in the future and I wish you all success in your music industry endeavors.

Musically Yours,

Gian Fiero, Senior Music Reviewer
The Muse's Muse


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