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How To Play Creative Sweep Picking Arpeggios
By Tom Hess - 09/23/2013 - 10:59 AM EDT

Want to play amazing sweep picking arpeggios that demand the attention of everyone who hears you play? Itís actually much easier to do than you think. The key is focusing on building incredible amounts of musical tension by combining sweep picking technique with creative guitar phrasing ideas.

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Five Methods For Getting Into The Music Business That Lead To Failure
By Tom Hess - 09/16/2013 - 11:22 AM EDT

Ready to break into the music industry but unsure about what you need to do? Before you will become a highly successful professional musician, you need to get rid of several false beliefs that will cause you to fail in your music career. With this in mind, you might be surprised to learn the following fact about how the music business really works...

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Wisdom #90
By Mick Polich - 09/13/2013 - 03:45 PM EDT

Gigging in your mid - 50's,different 'career' goals - gosh,why isn't it the same as when you were 25? Mick expolores some obvious ( and maybe not so obvious) reasons.....

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Using An Effective Opening Line, as Done by the Counting Crows
By Anthony Ceseri - 09/12/2013 - 02:39 PM EDT

A great lyrical introduction is an excellent way to get your listeners interested in your story right off that bat. Let's look at a great example of a strong opening line in this article.

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Ahh Youth!
By Mick Polich - 09/05/2013 - 07:08 PM EDT

Ever feel like a rock codger(yes,AARP qualified,I'm talking to YOU...)? It happens - Mick is back,with a 'grandpa' story, and how to handle those pesky kids and their crazy,kooky music......

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CD REVIEW: Barbie Anaka - Speechless
By Cyrus Rhodes - 09/04/2013 - 04:44 PM EDT

Smooth Jazz

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