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Nothin' But The Truth

Bronson Herrmuth By Bronson Herrmuth

2008-2014, Bronson Herrmuth. All Rights Reserved. Used By Permission (Please do not reprint without asking permission!)

My first book, 100 Miles To A Record Deal, hadn't been in stores a week or two when a friend asked me when I would write another. I laughed at him thinking he must be crazy and that obviously he had never experienced the mental aftermath of calling your book complete and then actually getting it in print and in the stores. No way would I write another. So my friend got a good chuckle when I was telling him about my upcoming book, Opening The Closed Door, and said ... I told you so. Yeah, he got me. My first book is now available as an Ebook on Amazon Kindle too.

My new book will have similarities to my first and contain chapters written based on my personal experiences. The difference will be that this book will contain segments taken from one on one studio interviews I am conducting and archiving here in Nashville. All successful musicians, artists, songwriters, agents, managers, engineers, producers, etc., telling us in their own words, how they reached that success and giving us input to use to do the same.

In my column here, Nothin' But The Truth, I will be sharing those interviews and my writings with you on a regular basis. I hope you enjoy and find them helpful as you pursue your songwriting careers!

A short bio


  • Music Row - The worlds one and only Music Row in Nashville, Tennessee - Save Music Row!
  • How To Get Your Songs On The Radio - If you want to know how to get Your songs on the radio, just read this!
  • Tribute to Earl Scruggs - My Tribute to the King of the 5 string banjo, master musician Earl Scruggs (1924-2012)
  • My interview with hit songwriter Dallas Frazier - Dallas Frazier has had a huge career and he's still going strong! A one on one interview with a hit songwriter you can read and/or listen to.
  • Your Demo Singer - Singing your own song demo is fine, as long as you're a really good demo singer.
  • Your Producer - A chapter taken from my book, "100 Miles To A Record Deal", for any of you musesmusers out there who might be seeking a producer for your music.
  • Jan Rietman Interview - He's a world class pianist, artist, producer, and songwriter, from Belgium. Meet my new friend, Jan Rietman.
  • Your Song Demo - The title of this new article speaks for itself and it's also an open invitation to send me your demos, to all songwriters in The Muse's Muse family. Sure hope you like!
  • The Secret To Finding Good Gigs - This one is for all of you musicians, artists, performing songwriters out there, trying hard to find a good gig. I wrote this just for You.
  • Interview with Hit Songwriter, Danny Wells - In this interview, Danny Wells shares his many years of songwriting experience and success with all of us and I recommend you read/listen closely to what he has to say. This one is a must and I'm proud to share it with you!
  • Recording Your Own Songwriter Demos - If you are a songwriter and you record and produce your own song demos, this one's for you.
  • The X Factor (the Day the Fish Died) - A true story of a songwriter/artist pitch session with an A&R label exec on Music Row in Nashville, TN.
  • On The Subject Of Cowriting - My thoughts and musings on the subject of cowriting for all of you songwriters here at musesmuse.com
  • Interview with Reggie Young - Part 2 - Part 2 of my studio interview with Reggie Young.
  • Interview with Reggie Young - Part One of Two - Meet one of the greatest guitar players of all time - Reggie Young
  • Consistency Is The Key - I'm adding this article for all of you "musers" who are performing songwriters and recording artists. Hope you enjoy!
  • Songwriting Commercially - I wrote this article in 2003 just a month or so after my book came out. Knowing most of you are songwriters, I thought you might enjoy this read and good luck with your songwriting!
  • "Respect" - My definition of the word Respect.
  • My interview with the legendary Steve Cropper - If playing the fire out of a guitar for over 50 years isn't enough for you, add recording artist, hit songwriter, award winning producer, arranger, engineer, actor, label head, and you start to get the picture of the many talents of Steve Cropper.
  • Interview with Grammy award winning engineer/producer Bil VornDick - Bil VornDick has recorded over 600 albums, had five number 1 hits in five different genres, 45 Grammy nominations with 8 Grammy winners. In so doing he has established himself as one of the top engineer/producers in the music business world wide.

A short bio:
Based in Nashville, Bronson Herrmuth has worked in music publishing for more than 28 years. He is President of Al Jolson Black And White Music, BMI, Iowa HomeGrown Music, BMI, Jolie House Music, ASCAP, and Stepping Stone Productions. Signed as a recording artist with RCA Mexico from 1981-1985 with Iowa band, The Ozone Ramblers. He is a band leader, a multi-instrumentalist, and he has toured 42 states and 18 countries as a performer. As a producer, Bronson has worked with many songwriters and artists in the studio and on stage. He's traveled the USA speaking at Music Conferences as a Panelist, a Mentor and Workshop Instructor. An associate writer for MusicDish.com and 5 Star Productions, author of the book 100 Miles To A Record Deal, a contributing author to the Indie Bible, a columnist for the Nashville Music Guide and a member of the NSAI and the NATD. Host of the radio show, Creative and Dreams Music Network and a founding member of Crowding 50.

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