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by Jerry Flattum, CyberAstronomer

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The Game market offers many new outlets for music creators. The Technology - Production Music section criss-crosses this area.

The game market is a driving force in the development of new technologies in both the visual and audio arenas. Computer chips, sound cards, video cards and acoustics (speakers) developed for the game realm benefit all other realms of digital multimedia. And, when the game world mergers with modeling and simulation efforts in the military and other industrial uses, new forms of entertainment are bound to emerge.

Video Games Organization

All Game Guide

Computer Games Online

Computer and Video Games


Distant Corners



Final Fantasy Alpha

Gama Network (Includes Game Developer Magazine)

Game Music



Gamespot Video

I am

Lucas Arts (George Lukas)

Mind Sports Worldwide





United Media Artists/Hexagon Interactive

Video Game Music Center

Virgin Interactive Entertainment


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Genres - Music

Genres of music are not just musical styles but represent lifestyles as well. Musical genres are almost always blends of different styles, but genres also divide. Rap and country music do not cross each other's boundaries. Music lovers of one style of music are often critical of other styles. These preferences are not always based on the music itself, but a prejudice towards personalities, politics and life styles. Music is at once a bridge and a wall.

See History, Band and Artist Listings, Content Providers


Alison Krauss and Union Station

Barbs Handy Links

Bill Monroe

Bluegrass Music World

Bluegrass Unlimited

Carter Family

Carter Family Memorial Music Center

Down from the Mountain

Dr. Ralph Stanley and His Clinch Mountain Boys

Flatt and Scruggs Preservation Society

John Hartford

O Brother Where Art Thou - Soundtrack

O Brother Where Art Thou -

Planet Bluegrass

Tom T. Hall


Blue Highway

Blues Access

Blues Foundation

Blues Music Association

Blues News

Blues Revue Magazine

Blues World


Celebrate The Blues: Resource List

Chicago Blues Artists

CPL Chicago Blues Archives

Delta Blues Museum

Electric Blues

House of Blues

Rosebud Agency



BMI 50th Anniversary History Book



Music Business Conference - Nashville

Music Row in Nashville

Music Row Pluggers

Stacy's Music Row Report


A Basic Classic Jazz Book Library

A History of South African Jazz and Pop Music

All About Jazz

All That Jazz

Blue Note Records

Central Entertainment Services

Contemporary Jazz


Great Jazz Songs at



Jazz and Smooth Jazz - Gavin

Jazz Songs List

Jazz Break

Jazz Corner

Jazz in France

Jazz Magazine

Jazz Nation

Jazz Now Magazine

Jazz Online

Jazz Profiles

Jazz Stuff






Jenny's Jazz

Monterey Jazz Festival


New Orleans Music Jazz Festival

NPR Jazz

Pro Entertainment Network

Shanacie Entertainment

Smooth Jazz News

Smooth Jazz Vibes

Smooth Jazz - Jazz-Blues Songs

Yahoo Entertainment - Jazz

Mixed and Sub-Genres

Ambient, Electronic and Experimental

Ambient Visions

All Music Guide

Billboard Spotlight - Dance

Blues and Soul Online

Cajun French Music Association

Cajun Network

Cajun and Zydeco (music listening site; MIDI files)

Classical Music Organizations

Disco Music

DNCVR - Euro dance

Early 80's

Electronica Primer


Finland Rave

Folk Music

Folk Music Index

Grunge is Dead

Joba Records

NAV Online

New Gibralter Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock

Plastic Grunge

Progessive World

Rave List

Rave Network



Worldwide Internet Music Resources - Genres


Original Hip-Hop Lyrics Archive

Rap Dictionary

Rap Top Sites



If you have access to the Internet, you have access to the world. There are no barriers. Listening to streaming Irish folk song channels broadcast from Ireland is as easy as listening to your favorite local Top 40 radio station. The richness of World Music comes alive on the Internet and where national boundaries are war zones in the physical world, the digital world offers a unity as simple as swapping a couple of mp3's.

Language is a barrier. It has nothing to do with prejudice or racism. It's simply a matter of translation. You will not understand Spanish Love songs if you don't speak Spanish (or Latin or Hispanic, whichever is politically correct). The fusion and influence of World Music on Pop/Rock depends on language far more than any unusual tuning methods or micro-tonal scales.

Pop/Rock is, in fact, already a fusion of World Music, something many genre fanatics often fail to acknowledge. In pop music, there is virtually no influence from Native American Indian music. Ironically, Asian countries are homes to many of the entertainment technology companies and the birthplace of karaoke, but the music of Asia remains a mystery to most Western ears. Hopefully an open exchange of world cultures will prevail over dominance and destruction of one culture by another. It would be a balance of preserving native languages while finding a common language at the same time.

The distribution of music is no longer limited by trucks, trains airplanes and ships. If there is a barrier, the barrier is choice, not access. Music is often referred to as a universal language but the prevalence of music in most cultures is not indicative of an immediate sharing of those cultures. The very nature of a "hit song" means competition and in the scramble for the top slot, a lot of World Music is ignored.

NOTE: In the Ethnomusicology realm, almost all major universities have excellent musicology-based resources online.

World Music - African

African music and World music

Arican Music Encyclopedia

Rumba on the River

World Music - Asian

Asia on RootsWorld

Asia Rising

Asian Contemporary Music Recource Center

Asian Music Circuit

Asian Music

Filipino Music Shop

Filipino Traditional Music, Modern Music

Journal of the Society for Asian Music

Made in the Philippines



Traditional Music in the Philippines

Warner Music Philippines


World Music - Brazilian

Antonio Carlos Jobim - Guitar Tabs

Bossa Nova Guitar

Brazilian Music

Clube do Tom

Norte Magnetico

World Music - East Indian


Bhangra Central


Indian (Note: not a .com)

India, British Asian, Pakistani

Music India Online

Overture - Hindi Mp3


World Music - Latin

Caravan Music

Der Salsaholic


Guide to Latin Music

International Latin Music Hall

Jazz Con Clave



Latin American Music Center

Latin Music World




World Music - Mix

Aboriginal Didgeridoo


Balint Sarosi

Centre for Ethnomusicology

Different Drums of Ireland

Ethnomusicology - University of Washington

GMN (Arts Network)

International Music Network

Joe Sixpack's Guide to World Music

Loeb Music Library (Harvard)




Romanian Riff (An article, Central European Economic Review

Society for Ethnomusicology

Where in the World


World Music Articles

World Music Genres

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The History Portal is predominantly music with a smattering of movie, art and entertainment history.

Creating art--in whatever form--is like traveling in a time machine where the search for roots is endlessly juxtaposed with a pioneering of the future. Sometimes it seems art evolves. Other times it seems to arrive out of nowhere like an alien invasion.

Many artists are born into a genre or style just by the immediate influence of their surroundings. Others make a choice. Some get stuck while others change. Almost every artist, musician and filmmaker has some sense of history growing up with past styles and genres before embracing one they can call their own. The drive to be contemporary often buries treasures of the past, treasures that sometimes only surface in the form of compilations or branded as nostalgic or "classic."


1930s Music in Real Audio (The Beat, music of the 30s)

80's Music Central

A Big Bands Chronology

Academy Awards History - Britannica

American History Timeline - Smithsonian

American Masters - Women of Tin Pan Alley - PBS

American Masters - PBS

American Music Archives

American Popular Music Business in the 20th Century (a book, Oxford)

American Popular Music before 1900

An Illustrated Speculative Timeline of Future Technology and Social Change

Andrews Sisters

Antique Record Machines - Tim Gracyk

Athabasca University - A course on History of Pop Music

Audio Recording History and Development - Jones Telecommunications and Multimedia Encyclopedia

Big Band Database

Bing Crosby


Dean Martin


EMI History

EMI History - 1987-1996 (Virtual museum of rock and roll)

Film 100

Film Sound History Timeline - SMPTE

Golden Age of Jazz

Historic American Sheet Music - Duke University

History in Song

History in Song - Song from the Mines

History of Popular Music - Washington University

History of Rock and Roll

History of the Bitter End

HUP Popular Music-Culture - Harvard

In Search of Tin Pan Alley

Inventing Entertainment - American Memory, Library of Congress (The Motion Pictures and Sound Recordings of the Edison Companies)

Jass and Tin Pan Alley - Tim Gracyk

Jones Telecommunications and Multimedia Encyclopedia

Leonard Feather Scrapbooks

Levy Sheet Music Collection

Lindy Cafe

Mainspring Discographies

Media History Project

Motion Picture and Television Reading Room (Library of Congress)

Movie History (About search engine)

Museum of Television and Radio

Music History Resources

Music for the Nation, American Music - Lib. of Congress

Music History - Popular Music (

Music History Resources

National Museum of American History - The Music Room

National Museum of American History - Edison's Timeline


Nipperhead - Ephemera

Old Time Radio - Radio Days

Paul Whiteman - Tim Gracyk

Paul Whiteman

Phonograph - Jones Encyclopedia

Phonographs - Time Gracyk

Pop History Now

Popular Songs in American History

Recorded Sound Reference Center (Library of Congress)

Recording Industry and History - Univ. of Minnesota

Recording Technology History

Red Hot Jazz Archive

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

Rock on the Net

Roots and Rhythm

Roughstocks History of Country Music

Sammy Davis, Jr. Association

Sammy Davis, Jr.

Sheet Music - 1870-1885

Solid - Links

Sunset Blvd

The Tech Museum of Innovation

Theater Tour - Broadway and Hollywood, Grace Market Research

Thomas A. Edison Papers - Rutgers University

Tin Pan Alley

Victrola Favorites

Virtual Museum of Computer History


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Hoover's Online

Hoover's Online is a major online business network providing snapshots, profiles and reviews of all companies and industries. Hoover's charges for Premium service but there is plenty of free info to search. What Hoover's decides to offer for free changes so if a link yields negative results, go to the homepage and try a keyword search:

Adult Entertainment Industry

Advertising Industry

Gambling Industry

Movies and Music Industry

Toy and Game Industry

TV and Radio Industry

Leisure Sector Analysis

Media Sector Analysis

Media Sector Description

Telecommunications Sector Analysis

Telecommunications Sector Description

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Jerry Flattum is a songwriter (BMI), screenwriter, freelance writer, book writer and singer/keyboardist/arranger. Jerry has written Bridge On Fire: A Holistic Journey in Song Creation. Bridge On Fire is a comprehensive manual on songwriting from the technical, social, cultural and entertainment industry perspectives. The book will be published by Publish America in 2005 and available through major and other retail outlets. In 2002, Jerry wrote a full-length feature comedy, 7/11 Pair-O-Dice Road for Lear Entertainment (Las Vegas). Several screenplays are in-progress: The Acrobat; Watertown, South Dakota; Lars; Out of Context; Amazon Moon and others. He has written the story, music and lyrics for Time Travelers in the Celestial Age, a screen/stage musical loosely based on H.G. Well’s, The Time Machine. As a freelance writer, he has covered live shows for, the Las Vegas film scene for Callback, and written several articles for, Script Magazine and others. Jerry has worked as a singer/keyboardist in several bands throughout New York, the Twin Cities, and on the road. Prior business experience includes CBS, Harry Fox Agency, Samuel French Play Publishers and other indie ventures. He has a self-designed BS in Songwriting (graduating Phi Kappa Phi) and a Masters in Liberal Studies (U of MN). Jerry is a member of the Songwriters Guild of America, the Nashville Songwriters Association, and the International Songwriters Association. He is soon to become a member of the National Writers Union and plans are to join the Authors Guild and the Writers Guild of America. He is also launching in October 2004, featuring original songs and other works. This site will interface with, an online service designed to connect songwriters with song buyers.
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