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by Jerry Flattum, CyberAstronomer

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Independent Music

Indie Music--as it is called--is generally any music that is not associated with any of the major labels. Indie labels often lack administrative, marketing and distribution power to generate sales of any magnitude. For many independents, mega-sales is not the initial driving force. Conglomerates aside, indies are high-spirited innovators and explorers often motivated by the heart and a sheer love for music.

But, it is the indie entrepreneurial and cyber-pioneering effort that made the Internet what it is today. Online independent resources have grown immensely, offering new and diverse outlets for unpublished bands and artists.

See Labels and Publishers, Artist and Band Listings, Content Providers, Promotion

A&R Online (Australia)


Association for Independent Music - Indie Music

Barchord Entertainment

British Independent Record Dealer Directory

Budget for Recording Costs (

BURBs British Underground


Coalition of Independent Music Stores

Digital Club Network

EMusic (Owned by Universal Music Group)






Inside Sessions

Internet Underground Music Archive (IUMA)

Music Island - Independent Music Resource and Indie Record Labels

Musicians Atlas

Musician's Registry





Recording Studio Checklist (The Recording Studio, Canada)

Russian Indie Music

Scout International

Sonic Garden



Virtual A&R List (Sean McManus)

Women's Independent Music Show

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Labels and Publishers

Nearly all major labels and publishers fall under the umbrella of the top conglomerates (SEE Entertainment Conglomerates). Still, many well established labels and publishers retain strong identities and with the recent purchases of Napster and (Vivendi and Universal, respectively), they show no signs of losing power despite decentralization in the Digital Age.

Stardom and certainly superstardom is not possible without the support of major labels and publishers and even modicum sales and popularity are difficult to achieve without a vast distribution network. Selling music is a coordinated strategy of radio airplay, CD release and other well-timed marketing and promotion efforts. For the fullest impact and to gain the largest audience share, such a precise military marketing plan must be implemented on a global level, something independents cannot do even on the Internet--not without serious financing.


Ari's Simple List of Record Labels


Atlantic Records

BMG Entertainment

Buddha Records

Capitol Records


DreamWorks Digital

EMI Group

EMI Music Publishing

Geffen Records

Hal Leonard

Interscope (includes Geffen and A&M)

Jazz Labels



Mojo Records

MPA Directory of Music Publishers - Music Publisher's Association

MUSEA (nonprofit label dedicated to progressive rock)


Opryland Music Group





Rosebud Agency


Sony USA

Sony Music

Sony Music Europe

Universal Music Group



Virgin Records

Warner Brothers Publications

Warner Music Group

Warner Chappel

Windham Hill

Worldwide Internet Music Resources - Publishers (William and Gayle Cook Music Library
Indiana University School of Music)

Worldwide Internet Music Resources - Labels

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The EC in no way endorses any of the private attorneys or firms listed here.

The higher up or bigger an attorney becomes the less need there is for taking on new clients. There are certain cut-off points in the entertainment industry where people become no longer accessible. Lawyers are no different than agents, managers, labels or production houses--they are highly selective in who they take on as a client.

There are lawyers who shop demos (or any kind of entertainment content) and take on projects "on-spec." Lawyers may have contacts but that doesn't mean they know a good tune when they hear it. If they do shop product and do it without charging you, you have nothing to lose. But if they charge you up front--you're taking a serious risk, not only with the money you spent upfront but also the contract you so desperately signed with the lawyer.

Lawyers are not in the business of management or artist development with the exception of handling the legal matters associated with such realms. If they are a lawyer turned manager, that's a different story. The more informed you are about the legal aspects of entertainment the less likely you will suffer from negative legal ramifications. You don't have to pay a lawyer a fee to register your song with the Copyright Office.

See Music Trade and Film-Film Trade

ACLU - Music Under Siege

Artists Rights Foundation

Attorneys Locate (National Attorney Directory Service)

Campbell vs. Acuff-Rose

Entertainment Attorneys (IndieFilms)

Future of Music Coalition

Hollywood Law Cybercenter

Hollywood Law Cybercenter (Musician's Survival Course)

Lawrence G. Walters

Musician's Intellectual Law Resources

Music Online Competition Act

Surfview Entertainment

Quicklaw Inc.

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Some sites are just hard to categorize. But don't let randomness fool you in terms of importance or information. You'll find dictionaries, books, arts/entertainment related, online applications and other content.

Arts and Entertainment (

Acting Workshop Online

AFTRA Publications

Candadian Music Encyclopedia

Creative Music

Creative Music Online Music Dictionary

Club Octane

Create a Song

Creative Music (online sheet music sales)

Doris Day Animal League (Karaoke resource)

Entertainment Industry Economics (a book)


Expression Audio Engineering

Fairtunes (digital music payment system)

Finale Notepad (free version of Coda Finale - SEE Technology - MIX)


Fun Facts - Happy Birthday to You

Future of Music Coalition

Grove Music

Grove Dictionaries

IDG World Expo

Jam! Canadian Music Encyclopedia (Canoe - Canada's Internet Network)

Kurzweil Artificial Intelligence

Learning Channel (Discovery)

Leonard Bernstein


LoveEarth (SEE Celebrity-Websites at the LoveEarth site)

Media and Communications Studies Site (music journalism)

Music Books Plus

Music Journalist

Music Mind Machine

Music Yellow Pages

National Endowment for the Arts - US

Net Rezonator


Oskar Consulting

Mojam (OSKAR Consulting - database of live events) (Scams and shams)

Perfect World Entertainment (Boogie Knights)

Piano Press

Pollstar musik

Power Chord Academy

RIAA - The Cost of a CD

Replicating Sonorities Toward a Memetics of Music

Rockmine Cyclopedia

Sheet Music for Musicians




Solo Productions


Using the Web

Virginia Tech Multimedia Dictionary



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Music Industry Lists

This portal is a list of lists. Many of these sources are found elsewhere in the EC.

Amtech Audio and Music Links

ASCAP's Guide to Resources

Film and TV Music Industry Directory

Harmony Central Recording Manufacturers

HMV Music Business Research Site

Indiana University - School of Music

Indiana University - William and Gayle Cook Music Library

Joba Records

Mojave Music (Subscription-based)

Music Business Registry

Music Guide

Music Industry Links

Music Yellow Pages Online


Musicians Registry

NMPA Links (National Music Publishers Association)

Synth Zone - Software Companies

Worldwide Internet Music Resources (William and Gayle Cook Music Library, Indiana University School of Music)

Worldwide Internet Music Resources - Commercial World of Music

Worldwide Internet Music Resources - Film Music

Worldwide Web Subject Catalog - Music

Yahoo - Entertainment - Music Organizations

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Music Producers

Music producers are more illusive than the artists they produce. Some have big names but you won't find them--they find you.


Flyte Tyme (Jimmy Jam, Terry Lewis)

Merchants of Cool - PBS

Mix This!


Music Producers Guild

Music Producers (

New Age Music Producers

Phil Spector Record Label Gallery

Phil Spector

Quincy Jones - American Masters

Quincy Jones - ASCAP

Quincy Jones - Rhino


Record Production

Sam Phillips

Serious International Music Producers

World Studio Group

Yahoo - List of Producers

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Music Trade

Artists are no less resistant to institutionalization than they are to commercialization. This brings to a head the initial question facing new songwriters: are these trade groups, associations and organizations in the industry a wall to hurdle or a resource to help you get where you want to go?

The EC clearly supports these organizations. Whose going to collect royalties, negotiate with Congress and support the development of new technology?

Most of the trade groups are known by their acronyms. See Copyright and Licensing

Academy of Country Music

AES (Audio Engineering Society)

AFM (American Federation of Musicians) (Country Music Association) (The Recording Academy/Grammy Awards)

IMXEvent (Interactive Music Expo)

International Federation of Musicians (FIM) NOTE: I don't know why the acronym does not match the name.

JAMPAC (Joint Artists and Music Promotions Political Action Committee)

Midem (International Music Market)

Music Business Registry

NARM (National Association of Record Merchants)

NARIP (National Association of Record Industry Professionals)

NMPA Links (National Music Publishers Association)

RIAA (Recording Industry Association of America)

Society of Composers and Lyricists

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Musical Instruments

American Musical Supply
And their coupons & deals page

Carvin Guitars


Dunnett Classic Drums

E-MU - Ensoniq




Grover Pro Percussion

Guitar Center

Guitar Tabs

Hammond Suzuki

Harmony Central Drums

Harmony Central Guitar (Tablature)

Harmony Central Keyboards

Hawaii Ukulele Guide

Historic Percussion


Instruments of Traditional Music


Kazoo in Popular Music

Keyboard Magazine



Kurzweil Music Systems

Latin Percussion


Middle Eastern Percussion

Music Equipment Classifieds

Musical Instrument Encyclopedia

Online Guitar Archive

Pearl Drums

Percussion Music

Percussion Software


Pro Audio Music

Remo Drums



Steel Drum


Synth Zone

Tachini Drums


Ukulele History



World Percussion Music


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Jerry Flattum is a songwriter (BMI), screenwriter, freelance writer, book writer and singer/keyboardist/arranger. Jerry has written Bridge On Fire: A Holistic Journey in Song Creation. Bridge On Fire is a comprehensive manual on songwriting from the technical, social, cultural and entertainment industry perspectives. The book will be published by Publish America in 2005 and available through major and other retail outlets. In 2002, Jerry wrote a full-length feature comedy, 7/11 Pair-O-Dice Road for Lear Entertainment (Las Vegas). Several screenplays are in-progress: The Acrobat; Watertown, South Dakota; Lars; Out of Context; Amazon Moon and others. He has written the story, music and lyrics for Time Travelers in the Celestial Age, a screen/stage musical loosely based on H.G. Well’s, The Time Machine. As a freelance writer, he has covered live shows for, the Las Vegas film scene for Callback, and written several articles for, Script Magazine and others. Jerry has worked as a singer/keyboardist in several bands throughout New York, the Twin Cities, and on the road. Prior business experience includes CBS, Harry Fox Agency, Samuel French Play Publishers and other indie ventures. He has a self-designed BS in Songwriting (graduating Phi Kappa Phi) and a Masters in Liberal Studies (U of MN). Jerry is a member of the Songwriters Guild of America, the Nashville Songwriters Association, and the International Songwriters Association. He is soon to become a member of the National Writers Union and plans are to join the Authors Guild and the Writers Guild of America. He is also launching in October 2004, featuring original songs and other works. This site will interface with, an online service designed to connect songwriters with song buyers.

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