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by Jerry Flattum, CyberAstronomer

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Popular Music - Research

Pop music is not a readily recognized area of academic study by many universities and schools. Academia lags far behind in the study of a now estimated 40 billion a year global music industry that reaches far beyond economics.

When music artists like Elvis, Beatles, Madonna and Michael Jackson are more well known and loved than most politicians, heads of corporations and other officials and dignitaries, seems hard to believe academia would miss the obvious. And who doesn't play an instrument or own a CD collection? Media studies without sound? Cultural studies without punk, gothic and rap?

The history of pop music is the history of the struggle between blacks and whites and all other ethnic influences inbetween. But Pop music is not just about America. It represents the heart and soul of the world in song. Pop music is a bridge from heart to heart, culture to culture, nation to nation. It tells the tale of our fears, hopes, dreams--and most of all, it's about love.

Congratulations to Indiana University, Rolling Stone Magazine and many others who do, in fact, understand the importance of Pop Music in the world.

AAR Edition International

ACNielsen EDI

Adorno's Sociology of Music

American Music Resource


Center for American Music

Center for Popular Music

Chicago Jazz Archive

Ethnomusicology Department (UCLA)

Fame Motive

Froggy's Novelty Song Lyric Collection

Gilbert R. Rodman

How Will the Music Industry Weather the Globalization Storm - (Article, First Monday - a peer-reviewed journal)

IASPM - International Association for the Study of Popular Music


International Association of Music Information Centers

International Foundation for Music Research

Indiana U School of Music

MHHE Music

MIND Institute

Music and Social Movements

Music and Sound in Social Research

MuSICA Music and Science Information Computer Archives

NEA Age and Arts

Popular Music Research Unit (Univ. of Salford)

Popular Music (Cambridge journal)

RILM Abstracts of Music Literature


Review of Popular Music

Sociology and Culture of Music (Bomp Bookshelf)

Sociology of Rock Music


Ulrich's Periodicals Directory

University Calgary

Virginia Tech Mulimedia Music Dictionary

Visual Music

WWW sites for Musicologists

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Muse's Muse - Free Web Site Promotion for Musicians

Promotion, advertising and marketing are distinct areas of the same triangle. Promotion can be a simple act of getting your name out there or as complex as a social cause. Promoting a website means listing in as many search engines as possible--not unlike getting a CD into stores.

If sales is a bottom line, then promoting an image or promoting an idea or philosophy has value only in terms of dollars. The art of promotion is giving meaning to something beyond its monetary value.

A song has intrinsic value beyond the income it earns for its creator. It is supposed to touch people's lives in myriad ways--touch their hearts. It's a form of communication.

Music--or any kind of entertainment--might be designed to do just one thing--entertain. DJ's shamelessly promote music that has one essential purpose: to make you dance. It's not supposed to give you meaning or help solve the mysteries of life. It's meant to make you sweat!

Websites that cater to unsigned acts or showcases for music, films, animation, etc. consider themselves promoters. And radio stations promote themselves to increase ratings and revenues as well as the music they provide. So another key to promotion is to know what it is you're promoting.

ERMA (Entertainment Resources and Marketing Association)

European Film Promotion

Flash Group Concerts

Global Icons



Muses Muse - Website promotion for musicians

Musician's Guide to Touring and Promotion - Billboard

Taco Truffles - Music Promotion Network


Telefilm Canada

Video, Film & TV World (Mexico and world)

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Once upon a time an entire family would sit around the radio listening to the same broadcast (SEE History). Now you can design your own online streaming station--featuring your songs--streamed on your PDA as you vacation in the Bahamas.

The Internet allows access to radio stations all over the globe. A 15-year old nubile songwriter from South Dakota can tune in to a Russian folk channel, or a live broadcast of Euro-techno from a Caribbean nightclub, or a DJ designed channel featuring acid rock.

Loretta Lynn used to drive around from radio station to radio station trying to get the local DJ to play her songs. Alan Freed is attributed with coining the term "rock and roll." When Orson Well's first broadcast "The War of The Worlds," people became panic-stricken and their were reports of suicides.

On a day to day basis, the world would be sorely lacking without radios in our cars and offices. Until the Internet and those courageous enough to buy new recordings unheard, radio has been the place where we first discover music.

Online radio (audio streaming) significantly expands on the old terrestrial radio model. Users can choose what they want to hear (On-demand) instead of being fed by computerized playlists. The combination of streaming and compression technologies means a listener can design personalized playlists without restraint as to genre, decade, artist or chart position.

Special mention: for it's incredible quality in netcasting.

AFTRA (American Federation of Television and Radio Artists)

Art Bell (Coast to Coast AM Talk Radio)


BBC Online

Cajun and Zydeco Radio Guide

Cajun Radio - Cajun French Music Association



iM Networks (Sonicbox)

Internet Radio Guide ( Radio Tuner)


NetRadio Network

Opasia Netradio

Public Radio International

RAB's Radiolink (Radio Advertising Bureau)

Radio Active Media Partners

Radio Data Group


Radio Online

Serius Satellite Radio


Streaming Media World

VH1 atWork Radio

Windows Media Radio Tuner

World Music Radio

XM Satellite Radio

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Underlying the entire entertainment industry is...math. Every songwriter is a number and every song is a statistic. No aspect of the industry escapes the wrath of measurement. The industry is measured. Companies are measured. Sales, artists, popularity and even importance--are all areas that come under the scrutiny of a stat report.

While you might be saying "Let's look at the words or notes" someone else is saying "Let's look at the numbers." But research firms are not enemies, although it is certainly true that some reports are biased or slanted. They are check and balance systems. And in terms of investment dollars, numbers are the only thing some people can read.

There is something inherently wrong in rating one artist versus another, or handing out an award to a song that sold more CDs than another. Britney Spears will undoubtedly have a slew of stat reports indicating she is tops in CD and music video sales but a farmer in Tennessee raised on Hank Williams could care less.

Still, ratings are they say.




Columbia U Entertainment Directories

Cyber Dialogue

DFC Intelligence Game Industry Research

Edison Media Research

Emmerson Companies

Film and Entertainment - Industry Economics - Websites

Forrester Research

Gartner (Dataquest is a service of Gartner)

Grace Market Research

Iconocast eMarketing Intelligence

Jupiter Communications

Market Tracking International

Media Metrix


NPD Intelect

Pew Research Center

Veronis Suhler Merchant Bank

Simba Information


Veronis Suhler

Video Age International

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Retail stores and wholesale distributors have morphed into content providers (SEE Content Providers). Many online sites dedicated to selling entertainment product are virtual retailers without a parallel in the analog world.

How long brick and mortar retailers of entertainment product remain in existence depends on how fast buying digital entertainment online becomes common. Music and film can be distributed directly to consumer. The only reason to go to a store is, well, habit.

Most physical based retailers have now transferred their wares online but without losing their physical presence. Retailers listed here have a physical presence. Virtual retailers are found under content providers.

Eventually this portal will search a little deeper into such new areas as Supply Chain Management, eCommerce strategies, mass customization and other "new economy" technologies and strategies for retailing, warehousing and distribution.

Barnes & Noble



Canadian Retailer Magazine

Chainstore Age

Hollywood Video

International Mass Retail Association


National Retail Federation


New Age Retailer

Tower Records

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Jerry Flattum is a songwriter (BMI), screenwriter, freelance writer, book writer and singer/keyboardist/arranger. Jerry has written Bridge On Fire: A Holistic Journey in Song Creation. Bridge On Fire is a comprehensive manual on songwriting from the technical, social, cultural and entertainment industry perspectives. The book will be published by Publish America in 2005 and available through major and other retail outlets. In 2002, Jerry wrote a full-length feature comedy, 7/11 Pair-O-Dice Road for Lear Entertainment (Las Vegas). Several screenplays are in-progress: The Acrobat; Watertown, South Dakota; Lars; Out of Context; Amazon Moon and others. He has written the story, music and lyrics for Time Travelers in the Celestial Age, a screen/stage musical loosely based on H.G. Well’s, The Time Machine. As a freelance writer, he has covered live shows for, the Las Vegas film scene for Callback, and written several articles for, Script Magazine and others. Jerry has worked as a singer/keyboardist in several bands throughout New York, the Twin Cities, and on the road. Prior business experience includes CBS, Harry Fox Agency, Samuel French Play Publishers and other indie ventures. He has a self-designed BS in Songwriting (graduating Phi Kappa Phi) and a Masters in Liberal Studies (U of MN). Jerry is a member of the Songwriters Guild of America, the Nashville Songwriters Association, and the International Songwriters Association. He is soon to become a member of the National Writers Union and plans are to join the Authors Guild and the Writers Guild of America. He is also launching in October 2004, featuring original songs and other works. This site will interface with, an online service designed to connect songwriters with song buyers.
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