Hi there. I'm Jodi Krangle.

I'm a 38 year old with a B.A. in English from York University. For the past many years, I've been working with computers in some capacity, whether it has been selling them, using them in an office environment, or working in HTML authoring, graphic design and online promotions. There is a lot I'm still learning about, but there will never be any limit to what I can learn about computers, so I'm not worried. ;)

I've been out on my own for a while now providing online marketing services to clients all over the world, but my main occupation at the moment is as voice over talent - primarily for commercials, corporate videos, telephone answering systems and the like. I'd love to do cartoon voices and more dramatic narrative readings such as for books on tape and CD. That will come in time. For now, I can be patient. I've had a few major career changes in my lifetime and I'm getting strangely used to the "in between" phases.

For those of you that are interested in hearing demos of my voice over work, feel free to visit my Voice Overs & Vocals website. My primary website, The Muse's Muse Songwriting Resource, also takes up a lot of my time. But it's been doing that since I started it in 1995 - and I love every minute of it - so you won't hear me complaining about that. :)

If I had the chance, I'd love to sing professionally. I prefer studio work to performance but have performed on a regular basis with my folk band, Urban Tapestry. We really do have a lot of fun. :) I also do backup singing for those people looking to spice up their studio recordings. Harmonies on the fly are a specialty. (E-mail me if you're interested - there is a sampling of my vocals on my "Online Musical Resume" should you be so inclined to listen.)

My husband James has been supportive in my creative endevours. At the moment, he's working in the capacity of online promotion wizard to the industrial sector with his business Dotcalm Computing. He also builds websites, specializing in making those websites a part of the sales team - generating sales leads on a regular basis from people all over the world. He has a steadily growing list of satisfied clients.

If you're in the Toronto area and would like to speak with him about your own online promotion needs, feel free to e-mail him at info@dotcalmcomputing.com.

Cartoons by Debbie Ridpath Ohi

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