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2008 Muse's Muse Awards - Best CD Projects
By Gian F - 12/29/2008 - 02:09 PM EST

The 2008 Best Overall CD Project In Any Category is the first tie in the history of the Muse's Muse Awards!

Sara Haze's Review"The Ladder" - Sara Haze

This project parallels the eminence of past teen prodigies such as LeAnn Rimes and Christina Aguilera while showcasing the full spectrum of her talents and the immensity of her star potential. With the aid of top-notch production by Spinbox Club, Elicit Music, Eric B. Fraley, and Grammy Award-winning Glen Ballard, she triumphs with songs that resonate with quality and showcase beautifully framed stories which speak to your heart and linger in your memory.

Read her review



Jesse McCartney's Review"Departure" - Jesse McCartney

Jesse strategically covered all (mainstream) bases on this CD. His core fan base will appreciate the Disney friendly, "How Do You Sleep?” The Ne-Yo phites will gravitate towards and embrace "Told You So," and the Justin Timberlake fans will relish "It's Over," a ballad that manages to capture the essence of Cry Me A River and Usher's Let It Burn - both number one songs. Both tracks, as do all the songs on this project, are accentuated by sublime music production that never overshadows or detracts.

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Other Excellent Projects include:

Best Alternative Pop/Rock CD Project:

Ryan Neilson's Review"Four Walls" - Ryan Neilson

From the eastern corner of the world known as Nova Scotia, comes Ryan Neilson, a singer/songwriter/musician. I first listened to his project while driving and I was immediately compelled to write a review for it - literally - by pulling over and jotting down my thoughts. His debut project revives the art of lyric writing and storytelling through songs, while evoking the essence of 70s musicianship with a contemporary flair.

Read his review

Best Adult Alternative CD Project - Female:

Natalie Walker's Review"Urban Angel" - Natalie Walker

Natalie Walker, a singer/songwriter from India via New York, has the kind of lyrical talent for which lyric sheets were invented. She artfully documents and articulates the many nuances of the love experience upon a beautiful musical canvas that comes courtesy of the mellow and superlative production of producers, Dan Chen and Nate Greenberg, who help her create a CD that can be enjoyed from start to finish.

Read her review

Best R&B CD Project - Female:

Tracy Cruz's Review"Feel'osophy" - Tracy Cruz

From San Jose, California comes singer/songwriter, Tracy Cruz. Blessed with a sultry, soulful and emotive alto, she delivers a debut project which not only captures and reflects years of vocal and artistic development, but puts her on the map of the Bay Area music scene and on industry radar. Her most commercial track, “ Nothing In This World ,” is easily the best and most complete R&B song that I’ve heard this year; complete as in solid music production, vocals/arrangements, and lyrics. Comparisons to Toni Braxton will be both inevitable and inaccurate; Tracy is the better singer, with greater range and vocal agility as evidenced in this masterpiece.

Read her review

Best Instrumental CD Project:

Durojaiye's Review"The Fermented Sessions" - Durojaiye

Durojaiye, a producer based in the San Francisco Bay Area, turns in his debut instrumental project that is sure to be thought of as a music licensing treasure chest. With a repertoire of songs that are tightly composed, artfully arranged, and well-produced, this CD achieves the rare feat of being both serviceable to professionals in television, film, and media, and being a coherent and highly enjoyable project that music lovers of alternative electronica/ambient/jazz music will thoroughly enjoy.

Read his review

Best Jazz CD Project:

Times 4's Review"Relations" - Times 4

The beauty of instrumental jazz is that it provides you with a blank canvas upon which you can paint your own thoughts. On the latest project from the San Francisco based quartet, Times 4, you may be influenced – or inspired – to think about relations…adult relations…sexual relations.

Read their review

Best Alternative R&B CD Project

Lina's Review"Morning Star" - Lina

Best Alternative R&B CD Project: Lina - "Morning Star" Lina, an LA based songstress, issues a wake-up call with her new project which starts…Wake up, my love, your day is calling you...don't miss the sun... That's prophetic and poetic. That's Lina. Her latest project is a mosaic of neo-soul, alternative R&B, and retro jazz flavored tunes that urban music lovers with a predilection for lyrical content, strong hooks, and pleasing vocal arrangements will celebrate.

Read her review

Best Adult Alternative CD Project - Male:

Eoin Harrington's Review"Story" - Eoin Harrington

Ever since I reviewed singer/songwriter/musician Eoin Harrington's first single, (the ultimate babe stealing ballad Never Be Lonely), I have been eagerly anticipating an LP which would answer two lingering industry questions: Was the first song a fluke? And could he deliver a complete project with the same caliber of songs? The answers are: No, it wasn't, and yes, he can - and he did. He also managed to make a very strong musical and commercial statement in the process..

Read his review

Best Country CD Project:

Tracy Millar's Review"I'm Not That Girl Anymore" - Tracy Millar

From Hines Creek, Alberta comes a singer/songwriter who has masterfully blended Country with Bluegrass to create a project that’s replete with robust songwriting, vivacious melodies, and heartfelt performances.

Read her review

Best Pop CD Project

Justin Stein's Review"Justin Stein " - Justin Stein

Best Pop CD Project: Justin Stein - Justin Stein Somehow while traveling around the country as the official opening act for Disney’s Corbin Bleu, Justin Stein, a singer/songwriter/actor found time to make a CD that is sure to delight his legion of female fans.

Read his review

Best Blues/Rock CD Project:

Sean Costello's Review"We Can Get Together" - Sean Costello

Sean Costello died on April 15th, 2008. I received his CD the previous month in March. He never read this review. Because of the involved manner in which I review music, and the amount of time I spend listening to an artist to really "get" what they are about, I inevitably develop a connection to them. It's this connection that I established with Sean - through his music - that I commiserate with his loved ones and his fans.

Read his review

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