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CD REVIEW: Andy & Denise - Sunlight In Goodbye
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Band: Andy & Denise
Genre: Folk
CD Review:
The title there comes from the first song, asking the eternal question: 'where is the faith, intensified / where is the not in knowing why / each step I take is two steps behind / where is the sunlight in goodbye'. A good question. And a fresh way of asking.

One of the most touching tracks on the album is the acoustic 'All of Everything', telling the story of heartbreak. But musically, it's told in a way that doesn't make you want to cry. Actually, it lifts you up. Well - it lifted ME up.

'Norman Turner's Blues' ain't the blues either. It's outside in the sun, shaking your fist up at the blue skies. 'I hate blues skies / and the rain they steal from me / 'm left with fields of sunburnt soil / where all my rows of corn should be.' Yes, another good point. What is great to 1, is evil to another. The string guitar thumps like a strong heart with high blood pressure. Andy sings it, with help on some passages by that sleek Denise voice.

Yes, they are both Very good singers. Andy has a strong if-Freddie-Mercury-had-gone-acoustic set of lungs, while Denise can go from beautiful to Mariah-power in several eighth notes. Their press kit claims they're folk; but I'd like to go 1 further. Saying simply 'folk' doesn't say enough. They have the power and accessibility that pop proclaims, while not being too blue or country to take on the full label of folk. In short, this is an album for ANYONE in love with harmonies, acoustics (who just doesn't mind a 2 week vacation from the electric guitar), and songs that are smart and shaped by craftsmen. Right. You've got to get it.

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