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CD REVIEW: Ahn Trio - Ahn-Plugged
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Band: Ahn Trio
Genre: Classical
CD Review:
The cd cover is like something an anime live-action film might show, but the babes on piano, violin and cello KNOW their music. They also know how to pick 'em. What? Why, the track list of course! From Bernstein to Bowie, they nearly rewrite every classic to their own singular style, and style it is. I'm very familiar with Astor Piazzolla's 'Oblivion', and I must admit, as often as I've heard that tune, I've never heard it like this. Most of the time, it's done with Latin fire, loud enough to fill the concert hall. But our Ahns play it more for romanticism than passion, if you get me. Well, don't bother with me, pick up the cd and hear for yourself. Roll up the carpet and start lighting dinner table candles. Listen to Bernstein's 'Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano' written in 1937, and realize that it shouldn't've been dated in the first place. Classic classical stuff, armed with technical skill and fresh delight. And of course the original pieces written by Henji Bunch - penned especially for this trio - are inCredibly welcome. They are written to show the girls off, and manage it seamlessly, making you sometimes wonder if there aren't more than 3 playing. EMI is now a very wise label.

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