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CD REVIEW: Amanda's Waiting - Amanda's Waiting
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Band: Amanda's Waiting
Genre: Pop
CD Review:
Don't ask me what she's waiting for. But while she's waiting, she sounds damn fine.

Just to show you how stupid appearances are, when I saw the pictures on the front and back of this cd, I first expected songs closer to Bongwater than No Doubt. But yes, this is a slightly softer No Doubt with vocals much like that blondie, except here they're coming from a rather cute Minx. And the two voices on 'Sparrow' make a very pleasant harmony while the electric guitar clangs behind them.

Intelligent lyrics. They are what separate a good song from a lukewarm bath anyway. (Probably why I don't listen to the Stones.) For instance, after the soft, gentle plucks in 'Superman Blue' and the first verse, in comes a chorus of 'no superman would surrender / am I enough for you / mortals only cry and remember / but you don't want me to / cause you don't want, you don't want / you're superman blue'. With a catchy tune that must not stay off the radio. Write in and request it Now.

My favorite track is probably the ending story song 'Pretty Good for a Girl' which I think sums up the tone of the album, musically and psychologically. But that chorus is REALLY catchy stuff. About Molly who got no respect in a man's world. 'no man wants a genius for a wife'. Unfortunately, I'm sure it's true.

I wouldn't slap them in the ___ by suggesting they're the new Bangles. They have real substance in their messages, and a strong guitar base upon which to build songs that aren't throwaways. 'Pretty Good for a Girl' oughta be a single. And then we'll see what happens to this man's world of music. GREAT job, 'girls'.

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