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CD REVIEW: Apologetix - Jesus Christ Morningstar
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Apologetix
Genre: Christian Rock
CD Review:
Great. Think of Weird Al gone utterly positive. With one difference: I’d say that these guys are more adaptive vocally. They take classic or known songs and put in perfectly matched lyrics that display the glory of Christ. Or they’re just having fun in a Christian way, like redoing Steve Miller Band’s ‘Rock ‘n Me’ so it’s ‘well keep apostley namin’’, ‘cause it’s so hard to keep all those apostles’ names straight, isn’t it?

18 songs, 70 minutes worth of fun. It starts off with ‘Hotel Can’t Afford Ya’ sung to the tune of - you guessed it - ‘Hotel California’, about that fateful night when the hotel was full up, so Mary had to go to the stables.

Other gems include ‘I Have To Die First’ which is the reworked ‘Eye of the Tiger’. However, there’s a part in there I don’t like. There’s a clunky guitar which comes in slowly during one part. It’s so loud and strangely incompatible that I kept having to check and see if my mp3 player had clicked on for some reason. Also, the vocals on this one and ‘Didn’t Just Die’ (‘Live and Let Die’) are a little strained out of their range on certain words. However I find that pleasantly human. I tire of satires that have to be utterly perfect. Where’s the fun in that? Plus imperfection adds to the joke, I’d say.

There are few negatives with this album - if there are any. It is strong. Beautifully and expertly performed. They are masters of form and lyrical rewrites. I wish the sound were a bit fuller at times (but it’s Much better listening on speakers than earphones!), however, there is NO reason not to get this cd. Even if you don’t like The Word, you’ll like the extreme cleverness, and you’ll rock to one of the finest cover bands this side of heaven.

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