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CD REVIEW: Apologetix - Ticked
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Apologetix
Genre: Christian Rock
CD Review:
Here’s the 90s, attitude, alternative, etc. album from the Christian masters of mirth. They prove they’ve got the attitude to take out the lyrics of modern classics and replace them with fun gospel and clever positivism.

Take ‘Heaven Isn’t Like That’ which is a Damn fine reenactment of Collective Soul’s ‘Shine’. From the creaky guitar to the sordid screams to the soft guitar break, these guys are Good.

I’m also a fan of ‘Casket Place’ derived expertly from Green Day’s ‘Basket Case’. It has all the energy of the original, while replacing the last bit of the song with ‘I’m not just paranoid / I’m not alone / Christ will soon return / so you’d better know God’. Anyone who thinks that’s a wimpy rewrite, judge not, lest you’ve heard it.

I’m now a fan of these guys. Big time. According to their cds, and an interesting court story they sent me via email, all of this parodying is completely legal. I’m glad. Because it means they’ll keep rockin’, keep making Great music. There ain’t a Whole lot of consistently positive music out there - that speaks to all ages. This is something that’s got to keep living. If we’re all to survive.

Oh, and guys? A request? Why not try Zappa’s ‘Valley Girl’. :-)

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