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CD REVIEW: Apologetix - Biblical Graffiti
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Apologetix
Genre: Christian Rock
CD Review:
My first thought after listening to the 1st 3 tunes is - this cd must've cost a lot to make. It must be darn hard and expensive to have a completely different sound for each tune. See, this is a parody Christian group that takes the famous tune and puts their own Bible-sponsored lyrics to it, to give a message per song. According to the law, it's perfectly legal to do. Good thing, because Apologetix have done several albums, all of them brilliant. It's not just me saying so. Even Weird Al himself commented favorably on a couple of the cds. (Hey, Weird Al's drummer guests on some of these tracks even!)

The best thing to do is get the cd, don't read the back of it, and be nicely surprised by every tune that comes along. They cover everything from (I won't give away much, I promise) Mercy Playground's 'Sex and Candy' which now becomes 'Second Timothy', to 'Pleasant Valley Sunday' by the Monkees, now becoming (wait for it!) 'Armageddon Valley Someday'.

'One Way' begins the cd, a Very good non-cover of Barenaked Ladies' 'One Week'. If it weren't for the lyrics, you might think you were hearing the original. Yep.

I feel lucky. I have a band signed copy, #55 out of 1000. So hurry up, maybe you'll get one of the first copies. Once you've heard them, you'll be hooked.

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