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CD REVIEW: Bankhead - Carnal Garage
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Bankhead
Genre: Punk
CD Review:
'Mildred Pierced' her navel, so she could get that job dancing on the bar. She also pierced her nose so she could feel pain somewhere besides her heart. Thus begins this alternative group with the girl in the lead. 'Mildred Pierced was a smart girl, but she did the dumbest things.' Sure am sorry there are no lyrics printed in the cd booklet, because they've got some clever stuff here. Even looked for it on their site, and came up wordless. Still, the music's a trip. Like the short 'Hey You!', these people are full of spunky punk energy, exploding their wad way early, but it keeps coming on like a flood. Don't they get tired? Doesn't anything ever go Right for them, or only right for their throats each time? Bass, guitar, guitar, drums, this band's for all those younger kids who're growing up older every day. They start with too much knowledge, and slowly they understand what the hell it all means. Bankhead plays to them, and Bankhead knows.

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