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CD REVIEW: Steve Bardsley - Childhood Ambition
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Steve Bardsley
Genre: Folk
CD Review:
'friends don't seem to understand just how I chose my mate / or exactly what it was in her I saw / charms she don't possess, just barely average down the line / and her looks won't send men beatin' down the door / but when her arm's around me I know she's the one for me / cause I sure do love that long arm of the law / and I couldn't count the number of times I've avoided jail even parkin' fines / and I'll be her lovin' man for evermore.' So begins the folk-based 'So What If My Baby's A Cop', very catchy, old-timey, reminds me greatly of George Formby's catalog . While the opening to 'Morning Mist', a lovely medium tempo ballad is very reminiscent of something CS&N might start, like the 'teach your children well' song. Also, I don't know how much Monkees Steve's been exposed to, but there are many, many moments for me here that put me back in 1967, with Headquarters and More of the Monkees albums. 'Teamo Raporiga' is an island flavor that breaks the mold that Steve sets for himself, a fun 5 minutes of acoustics and rhythms that make me hanker for the beach and all things blue.

14 songs, 53 minutes, Steve has a wonderful cd. He seems to do that trick Annette used to do: overdub himself in the same notes so that he sounds echoed all the way through. That's his style. Good voice and songs, and singular.

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