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CD REVIEW: Brown Derby Junction - Leaving Home
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Band: Brown Derby Junction
Genre: Jazz
CD Review:
I appreciate having been sent this cd. I like the swing part of jazz, and the full sound you get from #2 song 'Brown Derby Junction' is worth the price of admission. Heated sax(es), clarinet, plus working bass and nice vocals. GREAT 90s version of the big band; as close as you can get without spending a fortune on a swing orchestra today.

There are a few numbers, though, that I'm not sure about. 'Sancho' takes a while to get into; complete with record scratches. But once you've passed the 1 minute mark, things get YEAHHHHH.. Jenna Eisenhauer croons her way through some slow horns, like a 3am jazz session after all the players have finished with their Real jobs playing in other, lesser bands.

And nothing travels better than 'Stay Away From Her', where the bass never stops. And dig that crazy trumpet. Wouldn't it be nice if swing REALLY came back, instead of opening the Fad Door for a second? Because when there are groups like this and songs like Stay Away, you know there is more to life and music than what Warner Bros. wants you to buy. Life can be good.

Don't forget 'Say What?' which melts like hot butter. The toast is hot, but the butter was in the oven all along! Jonny Pinkerton did the horn arrangements, and a fine job, too. I like the clunky, thunking aspect of the solo sax section. In fact, each instrument gets a chance to shine. Clarinet is looking rather bright as well.

So, try it. You'll like it. It's good for you.

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