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CD REVIEW: BEMC2 Bloomington Electronic Music Coalition
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Band: BEMC2 Bloomington Electronic Music Coalition
Genre: Electronic
CD Review:
Ya gotta love the electronics from Chicago-based Nefarious Records. All genres within the style are explored and knocked at with typically computerized relish. From the ear-bleeding POUND of 'Kalchbuhlcenter' from Slave Cylinder (I had to switch the track after 4 minutes; it's not easy being trapped inside a huge Playstation game), to the nearly John Barry-like softness of Zed spinning his 'Silk', surely everyone not born of acoustics will have something to salute in this electronica-etc. compilation. And remember: you can't fit 13 songs of this ilk on a cd without it going over 70 minutes long. So, plenty to enjoy.

Aslan's fun bit of cooking sounds okay, maybe just pots and pans is oddly entitled 'Mother Monarch', but presents over 7 minutes of busy kitchen material. You can hear the dog barking, you can hear weird sounds in the alley while someone tries to take out the garbage in pitch black darkness; listen. Listen.

Another drum and bass party happens in 'Flare', straight from the eclectic, minimalist mind of Tabula Raza. Often there are flashes of comets speeding from one speaker to the other. It's like being caught in a rhythmic hailstorm in space. You're a tin can in a b-movie, but the film can afford plenty of beat, don't worry.

Rather than go on about every fine piece of man and machinery here, why not just buy the cd? You'll get your mother's worth if you're into electronics as a way of music. Might even get your money's worth if you use this soundtrack for getting work done around the house. Have it done in NO time.

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