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CD REVIEW: Brandon McSwain Band - Brandon McSwain Band
By Jarrod Brogdon - 09/14/2008 - 10:03 PM EDT

Artist: Band: Brandon McSwain Band
Album: Brandon McSwain Band
Genre: Jazz/Funk/Pop/R&B
Sounds Like: Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer
CD Review:

The Brandon McSwain Band of North Carolina have a sound that can be described as 1/4 Funk, 1/4 Jazz, 1/4 R&B, and 1/4 Pop to equal one smooth sounding foursome. Think Dave Matthews Band injected with some R&B.

Brandon McSwain is credited with songwriting duties and his lyrics seem to focus on love and Salvation, both lost and found again.

The Rhythm section provides a spectacle of sounds. Joey Williams on bass and Ken Brashear on percussion turn an already good band into something special by transforming great melodies into grand jazz pieces. Steve Sensenig on keys adds a perfect layer between the rhythm section and Brandon's sultry voice.

Recorded at Elevate Studios and mixed by Chris Liepe, the engineering and production efforts should be greatly credited for capturing the passion of this band on disc. 

Standout tracks are "Afraid", track 1 on the disc and one of the poppier tunes, asking 'Where are you going so fast?'; "The Way", a slower jam, boasts 'I'm falling harder, faster this time'; "She", with opening drum rolls to accent an electric guitar riff; and the beautifully acoustic closer "Audible Silence", which reminds us that God is always speaking if we only choose to listen.

Don't miss out on this CD. Visit their myspace page to download songs:

Verdict: Brandon McSwain Band's self-titled CD will be a welcome ambiance for a candlelight dinner or a dinner party. Soulful, powerful, and passionate, these fellas play music to fill the rafters of cathedrals and amphitheatres alike.

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