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CD REVIEW: Brian Bergeron and The Late Greats - The Glory EP
By Jarrod Brogdon - 05/29/2008 - 06:05 PM EDT

Artist: Brian Bergeron and The Late Greats
Album: The Glory EP
Label: Danger Room Productions
Genre: Folk/Rock
CD Review:

Brian Bergeron and The Late Greats are an acoustic rock band currently drawing much attention in the Boston, Mass. area.  They have earned local recognition by playing on the streets at Faneuil Hall Marketplace, as well as opening for national touring acts.

While his backing band, The Late Greats, could certainly draw comparisons to the Pat McGee Band for their upbeat yet mellow sound, Brian has a very distinct voice comparing favorably to Damien Rice or Jay Clifford of Jump, Little Children fame. This unique combination is enduring enough to appeal to the post-Phish, bobbing-head, college crowds as well as the more mature, music-minded coffee connoisseur. The 5 songs on The Glory EP should hopefully give way to a full-length album by year’s end.

As a songwriter, Brian seems to inherit his lyrics from new infatuations, loves that never come to fruition, or torn relationships.  His songs are acoustic in nature, carried by a steady rhythm section and melodic electric guitar.  Production efforts should be mentioned here, as the instrumentation is blended and mixed perfectly to cradle and never over-power the vocals. 

The EP kicks off with the tongue in cheek ‘Cavity’.  “I thought that you were something sweet but you left in my mouth nothing but cavities”.  ‘Glory’, referring to an ex-lover, closes the CD as a haunting acoustic track with lyrics about ghosts and memories and moving on from a relationship that ended because both were “young and didn’t know any better’.  Three other tracks, ‘Sisters’, ‘You Don’t Love Me (at all)’, and ‘On My Mind’ leave the listener waiting for a complete release from this talented band.  Check these songs out at

The Late Greats are Andrew Renault (Bass), Anthony Funaro (Drums), and Brian Packer (Guitar). 

Verdict:  Already a hit with the Boston crowds, be on the listen for Brian Bergeron and The Late Greats to dazzle the speakers at a fraternity party or a Starbucks near you in the future.

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