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CD REVIEW: Bud Buckley - It's About Time
By Chris Propfe - 01/13/2008 - 01:43 PM EST

Artist: Bud Buckley
Album: It's About Time
Genre: Acoustic Folk/Rock
Production/Musicianship Grade: 10/10
Overall Talent Level: 10/10
Songwriting Skills: 10/10
Best Songs: Let Me Go, Can't Leave My Mind, I Still Remember (How That Feels)
CD Review: Bud Buckley makes the kind of music that I want to hear when I listen to the radio, and that's why I don't listen to the radio.  It's very rare to hear an actual singer/songwriter on the dial these days, and that's a shame, because I'm a huge fan.  Well, Bud Buckley's bringin' it and he's adding something new to the mix.

With a warm, clear production care of Helen Avakian and Scott Petito, these songs come to life through the speakers.  What really jumped out at me was the musicianship.  The violin and background vocals of Let Me Go brought to mind the slow-groove of Elton John's, Madman Across The WaterCan't Leave My Mind channeled Gordon Lightfoot, Dylan and early Neil Diamond while sounding fresh at the same time.  I enjoyed Underground too.  Again, the background vocals kept it above water.  With it's "wild frontier" theme, it would have fit well into any Western.  Just listen to the classical guitar fills in Keeping Secrets and you'll hear the time and dedication that went into this recording.

Another great aspect to this CD is that you can listen to it all the way through, which is very rare for a recording these days.  And the good songs keep coming.  Elevator brought to mind early Police and The Silence There would have fit well on Phish's, Farmhouse.  Now, grab a martini and get ready for the loungy, Tattoo.  You will be transported from your boring headphones to a chic New York City champagne hut.

My favorite song has to be I Still Remember (How That Feels).  It's a song that I wish I wrote.  With it's haunting melody and simple but direct lyrics, you will think of everything you should have done and the legacy that you hope to leave behind.  As far as legacy goes, Bud Buckley has his wonderful music, so he's set!

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