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CD REVIEW: CD REVIEW: Bergers With Mayo - Live at Pete's 12/7/91
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Band: Bergers With Mayo
Genre: Blues/Jazz
CD Review:
Who are Bergers With Mayo? Bob Mayo on guitars and vocals, Ted Hemberger on drums and vocals, and Al Hemberger on bass and vocals. Real names or false, perhaps you'll know them better as The Renovators, that cool trio of white guys who know the blues. 'Talk To Your Daughter', which begins the 56 set of live tunes, starts soft and builds into a bump into the furniture journey that proves that overdubs are pretty pointless. You won't find them here. You only hear the sweat, see the steam coming off each of these 3 men who channel their off hours - for your undivided attention - into the likes of some renewed 'Fire' and other Jimi Hendrix classics. 'Fire' especially rocks with raw excitement, thankfully undiluted by a march of audience wailing. God, that drummer is having a fit.

Breathing a few moments of jazz into Clapton's 'Old Love', The Renovators prove themselves once again as unknown masters of the live set. Mayo makes you forget Clapton for a while, reminds you a bit of Sting if you let yourself wander. And wander you will, down 10 songs that sprint the distance between a lonely man's walk, and a passionate last lap in a college race.

I actually prefer this cd to Any of their others. They Really shine here. Choice of material and that confident live quality, being able to lay capable hands on the classics, that's what I like about the food.

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