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CD REVIEW: Campbell Todd - Campbell Todd
By Chris Propfe - 12/09/2007 - 09:24 AM EST

Artist: Band: Campbell Todd
Album: Campbell Todd
Genre: Folk/Pop
Technical Grade: 9/10
Overall Talent Level: 9/10
Performance Skill: 9/10
Best Songs: Pool Of Years, Ashes
CD Review: This is the perfect album for the coming winter months.  The music contains warm, tight harmonies and a blend of folk, and acoustic pop that will compliment any relaxing morning by the fire.  If it's classical guitar that you like, this band will meet your musical needs.

Neil Campbell and Stuart Todd make up the core of Campbell Todd.  Hailing from Liverpool, these Brits, along with Mark Brocklesby on drums and percussion, have created an album of everything that I like about acoustic music.

One of the aspects that really jumps out at me is that the CD is not over-produced.  It's just enough!  An occassional harmonica in Pool Of Years, a piano in Clipping My Wings, a classical guitar solo in A Question Of Time, barbershop harmonies to begin Life On The Line, add a subtle edge that will welcome continuous spins.

Campbell Todd possess the vocal power to augment the guitar chops as well.  Again, the power comes from technique and natural ability and not from over-singing masked with bells and whistles.  In a world of, "Hi, I'm someone else." vocals, this was a pleasant surprise for me.  Both singers present the tunes in a soothing way, almost as if they were singing to you in your livingroom.

When I listen to an album I can't help but hear other bands in the songs as well.  When I first popped this into my CD player, Love came to mind, the acoustic guitar and strong harmonies of the Indigo Girls were present, and the softer side of the Barenaked Ladies creeped in.  The style of the vocals also brought to mind another UK band, Beautiful South.  The fact that I like all of these bands as well, made this CD an easy sell.

Check them out at and don't be afraid to add a little warmth to your CD collection.

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