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CD REVIEW: Jill Dawson - First Time Around
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Jill Dawson
Genre: Adult Alternative
CD Review:
Does Jill get it right the first time around? Well yeah! I’m listening to ‘She’ right now, and I can tell you it ain’t the Monkees! "dark to daylight, she’s frozen in your mind. lost days reclaimed, lost love awakened slowly, and then you know. she’s the only one you run to, when you’re drawn to the wreckage, drawn from the light... the way she makes you feel, I do believe it’s real." It’s simple folk acoustic guitar, voice, powerful message in the memory. But before you label her distinctly in folk, I think you’d better press fast forward to the next. ‘I Try and I Try’ is very fresh tasting acoustic alternative pop, the kind that grew up fast in the 90s, the kind Dawson’s Creek was based on. Sure there’s an electric guitar somewhere in there, but it’s only a brief part of the sub sandwich. And remember fresh tasting is Good for you! Partake of the smoothness of guitar from ‘Least Likely’, and you’ll find yourself sitting back in the coffeehouse when a new talent arrives on the scene. A supple ballad, more forlorn than spiteful, a given up dream that the singer has come to grips with, and wants to share this beauty of imperfection with the world. "I’m least likely to be a model, most likely to live alone; least likely to be remembered... I should have known, I’m least likely to be your hero, most likely to be your friend; least likely to be your lover, most likely to pretend." Getting airplay and having 100 pre-orders before the cd’s even out and placing nicely in competitions, this Jill in Chicago is destined to grab increasing attention soon with the unplugged set.

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