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CD REVIEW: Deron Wade - Somewhere Out There
By Jon Stewart - 06/28/2007 - 10:31 AM EDT

Artist: Deron Wade
Album: Somewhere Out There
Label: Indy
Genre: Folk/Rock
CD Review:

This singer/songwriter left Boston for the amped-up creative juices he thought could be found in LA.  But at least two of the songs date to 2004, just before he hit the West Coast scene, and are arguably the best on the CD. 

Deron sees himself as an original soloist and serious artist.  His CD has been composed with musicians to accompany him, with backup singers to make the vocals fuller in spots.  A danger that Deron would face would be in performing a long acoustic set where every weakness is magnified, where things start sounding the same and the lack of sonic anxiety has people talking to each other and looking at the menus in the coffeehouse.

Folk singers are an integral part to the development of the music of America.  But how many have you heard of - Bob Dylan, Peter Seeger, and Joan Baez?  Few artists make it in this small sphere of musical influence.  The ones that have made it have usually done so within the fabric of protest.  Deron is not trying to be a protest singer.

Deron has put a near-dazzling CD together that has elements of folk and soft rock, each competing for distinction, with the results showing a wide range of accomplishment.  The title song on the CD is a good representation for the disk; acoustic guitar, drums, a little electric guitar, bass and enthusiastic harmonies in the background.  Lyrically, this song characterizes most of the CD.  It lacks a focus and clarity necessary to be appealing to your average rocker or folk song enthusiast.  Adequate, but unexciting, without the emotional heft to get me involved in the song; the music couldn’t make up the difference.  The second track, “Colored Houses,” has the same afflictions; I wasn’t grabbed by it and musically it was under-composed.

The CD was a pleasant experience; but pleasantries are not what I look for in playing a CD over-and-over.  I want originality that I can’t find anywhere else and an emotional involvement that puts me inside the record.

Grade:  C+

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