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CD REVIEW: Sharon Difronzo - Sharon Difronzo
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Sharon Difronzo
Genre: Pop
CD Review:
I really like this album, and this voice. The songs are very professional. One of my favorites is 'I'll Think of You That Way'. It is classy, with a tune that is just completely memorable. I like the backing vocals too; almost something that you'd hear backing up Whitney Houston on an early album.

'Mistaken Identity' has the power. 'Now She Can Have You' has the jazzy sax and clear vocals that really puts it on my hit list. 'well the damage is done, you have finally won / like you always do / congratulations to you, congratulations to you / for a long time you've tried to push me aside / well your message finally got through / now she can have you, she can have you.' This could've been right off Helen Reddy's 'Free and Easy' album possibly. A wonderfully warm and independent song.

I'm not exactly sure what genre she's singing. Because it could be pop, it could be country (sometimes), and then there are the jazz-like tunes I just eat up with a plastic spoon. 'What's Goin' On?' is one such animal. I'm going to wait until after 9 tonight and listen to tracks like these again. 'what's goin' on / you're not holding me as tight / I stopped kissing you good night / the smiles we both once wore / are not there anymore'. If that doesn't sing of the blues, nothing will.

This is an album I'd say could go up against the big guys. Uh, girls. Sharon co-wrote every song here, and she's good.

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