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CD REVIEW: David Shepherd Grossman - Stumbling Off 6th St.
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: David Shepherd Grossman
Genre: Pop
CD Review:
This cd's a long time coming, if some of the copyright dates are anything to go by. An a-typical slightly-country, lite-feelin' song here would be 'Annie Don't Know', and it's one of my favorites. Consider it the Ringo song of this Beatles pop album, though David doesn't sing through his big nose. His voice is a pleasant boy next door type, esp. on the opening 'Tonight', like the last piano song of the party at 4am once the drinks have started to wear off. Then there's the next chapter, 'Leaves', coming up at 5am before the sunlight's had a chance to yawn and feel the headache. David's on acoustic guitar and throat, while Paul Bedford handles the keyboard and everything else. Simple but spirited night song, with the pace of a stalker who's forgotten his address in a middle-class neighborhood. I don't know why I get the feeling this guy DSG is like Billy Joel, with piano removed and acoustic string thing implanted, but it could be his softened sense of pop, his specific choice of stories upon which he builds vague memories you thought you may've experienced before. Yet the songs seem almost too short to me; once you're hooked into the melody and the mellow way he's living, the song ends, and the journey begins anew. Since the cd's only a little over half an hour, I hope David blesses us with a load more before long.

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