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CD REVIEW: Matt Easton - Love Ambition Demo
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Matt Easton
Genre: Folk/Rock
CD Review:
What this guy calls a demo most veterans would be happy to have on a platinum selling cd. Of course that’s probably just the title, but it does misrepresent. What you will be hearing are 5 acoustically charged alternative ballads, a bit on the crying side, but never depressing enough to fall into the well. Matt assures us we are able to crawl out, every time.

The EP starts with a sad solo that is ‘The Promise’, demonstrating Easton’s simple vocal style that captures the essence of folk sensitivity with definite rocker style. Consider the Michael Penn way of performance, or think about your favorite new wave artist, take out much of the darkness and replace it with a haunting daytime ghost, and you’ll begin to catch the soft groove Matt eases out.

One of the best of this short unplugged session must be ‘Bloodstone’, providing beauty in winter. The production is an unforgettable part of the success of this disc. Brings out the viscosity with well oiled tweezers. Really sets a person up for loving, and how to gather strength from what comes just before the dawn.

Many will know Matt’s name from his hot time in The Jenny Thing, but here, he’s taking things introspectively. He ain’t afraid to be a little raw, a little unfiltered. More seems to come out that way.

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