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CD REVIEW: Elbo Finn - Cryptogamy Kills Cowboy
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Band: Elbo Finn
Genre: Adult Alternative
CD Review:
I've just heard the band that will be topping the charts next century. It's Elbo Finn. As with anyone, all they need is luck. They've got the sound, the playing, the lead voice, the production, the songwriting. I can't think of anything they don't have. They are a Pleasure to listen to. Hard rock attitude with an acoustic backbone amid the thumping electric bass and jungle drums. Cool electric guitar rounds it all out for a winning performance.

63 minutes worth of fine music. Starts with 'Big Wheel Explosion', a whimper on the scene which builds and builds. Vocals clear like a mountain river, you can see and hear every lyric. I love that.

'Yew-tah' is a great goin' home tune, spinning acoustically early on, an easy tune with a hard attitude. 'Worm of Khan' begins beautifully, like something that could've been on the side 2 of the Beatles' Abbey Road. Of course these guys are better musicians than the Fab Four. They're going to make it; if not quite as big.

I'd buy this cd myself - which is a big compliment, folks. You're into alternative, but still like the tunes of mainstream bands? This is your pot of gold. I mean, these guys are GOOD!!

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