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CD REVIEW: Emptyhead - Emptyhead
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Emptyhead
Genre: Electronic
CD Review:
I still like this guy. It’s techno without being mindless 4/4 dance throughout eternity. You see, you can’t dance to ‘Voluptous’. He’d have to redo it for club owners. Yet, it has enough popular substance so that you can’t label this stuff experimental. Experimental is often code word for ‘sound collage’ or ‘what the hell are we going to do with all this traffic noise, Joe?’

‘Winged Bass’, by Trygve Schneider, is the reason I like this stuff. It proves that with a beat, you can hook anything together. Any genre, any key, any thing, giving a unity to the universe. Okay, that’s heavy, but check out ‘Deodato’ which starts out with a line from a Irish folk song; wait a minute; then a black group pops in with a chorus. I don’t know, not knowing where the hell all the samples came from, I can’t explain them properly. But I love the woman’s soft egging in for 1 solo line - great fun. She doesn’t belong there and she doesn’t know it.

‘Penitence II’ seems to be samples played backwards, amidst lots of cymbals. Weird. Spooky. I’ve reviewed this guy’s stuff before. I’ll say it again ... he needs to write some movie soundtracks. He’s really creating some images here.

Worth it. It’s 44 minutes long. Wish it were longer. Like, about 2 hours.

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