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CD REVIEW: Paul Faber - Demo
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Paul Faber
Genre: Folk
CD Review:
This is awfully good for a demo. I'd rather call it an ep to retain sanity. Because if this is typical of how the best songwriters submit their stuff, I'll have to go crying into the next room, confident that I shall never sell MY songs. You see, the cd itself doesn't look like a cdr, because there is pro printing on it, even though it clearly says 'demonstration'. But the Look of it is just too good.

5 songs and 20 minutes. 1st song, 'Summertown', has screaming sax and proclaims the lost good times of youth. An interesting manic-impressive quality, this intro song, because the lyrics are a bit sad, but the music pretty much champions the now. Well, perhaps the music is cheering on the past, however, listening to it NOW won't make you sad.

I can't say the same for song 2 - 'You Were Kissing Me' - which is another past tense song in the James Taylor vein, with simple and nice sounding solo piano. Very elegant, though songs regretting the past (if indeed that's what's going on) aren't my favorite to dwell on. Same reason I don't watch many dramas - life is sad enough! Anyway, I can't argue with the songwriting ability here. It's just Good. Hard to believe these songs need a home. The production itself sounds very much like a professional album release. Take it from someone who listens to them all the time - yes, Paul if you haven't already, just release the stuff yourself. You've got the voice, the sound and the ability for it. And clearly you're not lacking in marketing know how. Or is all this moot because recording is what you normally do? The cover letter you sent was nice and to the point, but didn't tell much about yourself.

I sure wish you luck with whatEver direction you're trying to score. You're one of the best I've heard yet.

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