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CD REVIEW: Jane Fallon - Faces
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Jane Fallon
Genre: Easy Listening
CD Review:
A high voice and a flute on 'Beginnings'. The voice isn't afraid to be out in the open, naked before you. She's good. 'beginnings are hard for me you know, like finding strange footprints in the snow'. Then the acoustic guitar starts picking through. This song really fits the current late fall scenes I see out of my window. She's getting me ready for Christmas, Jane is.

Sometimes I'm not sure if the guitar works. Jane handles it as well, and I Think I hear a couple mistakes now and then, but it's probably just the Curse of Folk. This isn't folk though, I mean, 'Too Long, Too Blue' isn't even country, as the title Might suggest. It's easy listening, like James Taylor's sister came to stay for a bit. Good job of backing vocals, and ditto the way she strangles the word MIND.

Much of the song could be a mother's audio-card to a child who's grown up and lives far away; or to put the young little tyke to bed, even if the subjects aren't conducive to night-night. 'Giovanni's Song' especially reminds me of this. A soft song in the classic Helen Reddy vein, where the voice is The star. 'second hand clothes, from the bins / that's where the second hand love begins / a little bit worn and a little bit thin'.

A good, loving album that deserves to be bought. It will make you sad and home-sicky and perhaps bring a smile to your memories. Jane sings it close to the mic, so you catch a voice that breaks against the edges now and then, proving herself real, and yet a real pleasure.

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