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CD REVIEW: Christina Fasano - Spiritually Wet
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Christina Fasano
Genre: R&B
CD Review:
Beautiful women always deserve good reviews. Esp. when they can sing, on songs that have great big balls of instrumentation. Bass and horn and wah guitar build by layering vocals and party atmosphere. Of course the fact that words winding it up contain 'funk me, funk you, everybody sing / it's just a funk thang' help UH good.

Follow this up with 'Sweet and Sour', two friends of hers she grew up with. 'my good friend sour, fills my head with clouds / that's how he likes to play / it's hide and seek inside my mind / lookin' for my sweet / and i'm messed up.' Seinfeld-like bass and I Do like all her backing vocals that she sprinkles like bread to find her way back. I don't know What the hell that means though.

There's a nude song on here. 'Won't You Gaze' begins with nothing but voice, covered only by the poetry that's trying, like a magnet, to attract a little music to the sentiment of its soul. 'your gaze will seep into my pours / into my bloodstream / and take my heart into surrender'.

I happen to believe firmly in the chorus to 'When People Change' that says 'when people change, the world will rearrange'. I don't think changing politicians does any good, I think working on changing Human Nature (if possible) is the only way to make any real progress. Don't worry, the song doesn't preach to you like I do. 'wanted a world full of love / in her dreams people smiled and they danced / everyone had gone below their skin / and found their souls holding hands.' She's good at lyrics, as well as having a good musical ear for bringing together fine r&b musicians to work her world.

P.S. She says she likes British comedy, but no, she's too sexy for that.

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