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CD REVIEW: The Foxymorons - Rodeo City
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: The Foxymorons
Genre: Alternative Rock
CD Review:
It’s so good to hear what could be called alternative rock blending in a lot of harmonies for a change. ‘Baby Blue’ could be a new style of Beach Boys with that easy going pop/rock sound from the electric guitar without the distortion, the Ringo-ballad drum style, and of course the beauty of the voices that intertwine so regally that you’d find it impossible to separate the players.

Interestingly, just the next track, ‘Ready To Go’ gets back to the heart of the alt-indie sound, with that lazy style of singing, like a stoned zombie waiting on a girl.

The several factors that are cropping up in other reviews seem to be LO-FI and BEACH BOYS and POP. Well, that comes from not wanting to write or perform the same thing twice, taking a boatload of musical references and dragging them out from the fridge for certain courses. Very good for a duo. Sometimes hard to believe it’s just 2 guys: David Dewese & Jerry James. Great with overdubbing, and f**k the lo-fi stuff. Damn if I don’t hear it. All I hear are good songs that often go Velvet Underground, sometimes pick up the pop of 60s humor whined out like The Byrds ­ see ‘Irene’.

‘Jakarta’ is a lovely ballad that somehow seems to suggest a ride through the desert. Perhaps it’s the lilt of the constantly moving waltz, and the spook of the short pull-whistles that faze into a ufo sound. As the chorus keeps relating, ‘oh, Jakarta sounds good to me, it’s where I wanna be.’

It’s like getting your own compilation album from just 1 band. Greatest hits or not, The Foxymorons ­ one of the best band names going ­ are at home with door to door visits at the rest of creation, picking up bits of beef and musical interludes from any neighbor fool enough to open up. There is a relaxed ambition among these dozen songs, except maybe for the opening alternative kick ‘Left Sideways’ that has a quite special guitar sound. How do they make that? And I love all the vocals that creep in for half a sentence. Little details like that make all the diff.

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