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CD REVIEW: Garageland - Do What You Want
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Garageland
Genre: Rock
CD Review:
'Let me give you an emotion that's not negotiable and here's a feeling that's not for sale. I lost the instructions to you but I can read you like an open book. Always, all ways. You got to kiss it all goodbye.' That's catchy track 5, 'Kiss It All Goodbye', from the smartly named Garageland. They do sound like a pop group that started out in the garage and still carry a few orange crates around with them. Fresh and young and with a strong feeling for the tunes. You can tell they love making their mainstream-clad rock music.

'Being with you, being with you, being with you is so fucked up. / I can't keep in touch. / Thoughts in my head, thoughts in my head, thoughts in my head, are so messed up / I can't keep in touch' asks the eternal question, 'What You Gonna Do?' The loud guitar somehow manages to stay within pop constraints, maybe a slice of rock to help the mix. 'I can't get a grip, can't get a fix on you and what you gonna do?' Simple, stylish, and a good recording to boot.

Going straight for rock, watch out for 'Burning Bridges' because they are aflame in this one. Guitar louder than voices, but the voice structure is usually good, especially re: the backing chords which build up in some tracks. 'Here comes the night and its coming after me / here comes the night, oh it just better see me / Stars in the sky, burning down on me / stars in the sky, oh you just better see me.'

A lucky 13 tracks for us, and you get the picture of a green, not red, not yellow, light on the front and back of the cd. Get a clue. GO to the record store, or browse around the links below. Garageland can only improve your blood pressure, like a well-oiled cat.

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