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CD REVIEW: Robert Gazizov - Warm Rain
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Robert Gazizov
Genre: Easy Listening
CD Review:
A cdr of 12 pieces which was probably sent to me more for advice than for a review. But he'll get both here.

First off, he's good. He has control of his instrument(al)s and knows how to write a pleasing melody. I'm not a Huge fan of his type of keyboard, which Sounds like a keyboard much of the time. For instance, 'Recollection' has moments that near the cheesy mark. But by and large they don't happen, thankfully.

But this is an album which is good for the background of your life. Instrumentals which are more tuneful and quiet than excitingly stimulating. Nothing wrong with that. But there are Very good ones like 'Races' which remind me of some of the early/mid Tangerine Dream, minus the experimental/feedback tracks.

Of course, like TD many times, I'm not sure how much Warm Rain I could take as a live concert. Perhaps the excitement of the crowd would help. If they didn't need excitement themselves.

But enough! This isn't a negative review. No, this is a helping hand. Though I'm not sure how much Robert needs it because he's been living in New York state, with 7 records under his belt with a Russian record company. But of course, like everyone, he wants to conquer America, where all the money mates.

Robert, I'm not sure what record companies/producers you're sending to, but what genre are you labeling yourself under? Were I you, I would seek out those looking for instrumentals and soundtracks first. Do you have Songwriter's Market? There are tons listed in there. I'll even send you a few addresses if you'd like to email me.

2nd, go around to your local college and put up a few flyers stating that you're a composer looking to do films. Put your plea on the film and music newsgroups, that you'd like to do films. If you don't Want to do films - you're the only one! No, I meant to say, if you don't Want to do films, figure out what you want to do. Then, look through books like Songwriter's Market and see what people are Buying. Then figure out what you Want to do that people Want. Knowing what you want to do and finding your niche are always the hardest. But you have had success (7 albums!) - build on that!

If you'd like further promotion tips and addresses, I'm starting a mailing list called which, I hope, will allow creative personnel to exchange advice and addresses, along with all of my own which I'll be sharing.

You've got talent. Those who are successful put in as much time promoting as they do composing. Even gigging is promoting yourself. I wish you luck!

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