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CD REVIEW: Leah-Carla Gordone - Butterfly Child
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Leah-Carla Gordone
Genre: Adult Contemporary
CD Review:
I like this cd. Solid production wakes me up. It's the vocals that keep me interested.

Probably my favorite song on the album is #2, 'Cloudsong'. 'that cloud / if it could speak to me / I wonder what it would say / "I'd like to wrap you up / like a baby in a blanket / and take you far away". Reminds me beautifully of a Helen Reddy ballad (even the voice!), without all the glamour; voice and guitar - a simple, loving marriage.

'Mortified' - both vocals and rhyme scheme - reminds me a bit of 'The Logical Song' from 'Breakfast in America'. It's more laid back, with a couple lazy guitars semi-battling it out in each speaker, and it's pretty good.

'the time has come / to love this man / the time has come / to love this land' from, of course, 'Love This Land' which is as catchy as anything else on the cd.

The thing I admire about this album/Leah-Carla more than anything is her ability to give range to the songs, without substituting singers. She does it all herself, yet she takes on the character of the song, and if it dictates the voice should be strong and outgoing ('Love This Land'), it will be. It could be raunchy and enunciating ('New Disease'). It could be crooning, whispering, secretive ('Washington Square'). This is the kind of singing I most appreciate. She does what she wants, because she can do it all.

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