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CD REVIEW: Peter Grand - Peter Grand
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Peter Grand
Genre: Easy Listening
CD Review:
The first thought the very First thought that came to mind when beginning this 10 song cd was Jim Steinman. Jim's the genius behind Meatloaf, the guy who wrote and played the hell out of the songs Meatloaf gets credit for. Well, anyone who's heard Jim's solo album (singing) can understand why he used a front man for the material. Much as I like Peter's playing, I'm not sure if he's the best man to sing his own stuff. Then again, if you're into what might be called vocal imperfection, like Bowie or Steve Howe, then you'll find nothing wrong with Peter's voice. Indeed, there Is nothing 'wrong', but since the cd book claims that all songs were 'written, arranged, performed, produced, mixed and engineered' by the man on the piano, I'd say he's got plenty to be proud of right Now.

One of the best pieces is 'Heaven On Earth', which would be great as a duet. It shows off Peter's vocal ability to the best, and the orchestration is simple, building, beautiful. Yep, he builds Grand tunes like a piano player from the 70s, benefiting from some super tech improvements of these later years. 'I can't help it but I have to stare / into your angel eyes / 'cause baby without a prayer / they take me to paradise'. Actually reminds me of a ballad by a hard rock band. Oh! And speaking of guitar, Peter's just as good on that instrument as the keys. You hear it from time to time on the cd but not enough! His backing work is strong like a studio musician.

'April Rain' ends the cd, an instrumental with pleasant simplicity. It rather arrests your attention. Like when you're walking around a home grown candle shop, and you listen for a moment at what they're playing over the speakers. You arise serene, you breathe the country air. And you remember that life doesn't have to be so complex.

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