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CD REVIEW: Horatio Lee Jenkins - Drunker Than Satan
By Don Sechelski - 03/10/2009 - 09:27 PM EDT

Artist: Band: Horatio Lee Jenkins
Album: Drunker Than Satan
Genre: Comedy/Parody/country/metal/drinking music
Sounds Like: South Park, Hank Jr
Technical Grade: 9/10
Production/Musicianship Grade: 9/10
Commercial Value: 8/10
Overall Talent Level: 10/10
Best Songs: Drunker Than Satan, Girl, This Bed Is Too Big Without All 12 Of You
CD Review: The cover photo of Horatio Lee Jenkins on the cover of his new EP, Drunker Than Satan, tells it all. Horatio, looking suspiciously like Hank Williams Jr, is smiling broadly while holding a gallon of Jim Beam and his guitar in front of the American flag. The first song, Drunker Than Satan begins with Horatio telling his story of meeting Satan in a bar and being challenged, ala Charlie Daniels, to a duel with the devil. The pedal steel, played by Solomon Thornbrush, whines appropriately as Horatio agrees to a drinking contest with Satan. The rhythm section of Jeb Jacobs on bass and Sammy Deutch on drums, kicks it up a notch when Horatio goes into the chorus:

Now I'm drunker than Satan
With all of his violence and hatin'
You'd think he could
Outdrink a good old boy like me.
But now the Prince of Darkness
Is out there, pukin' on the carpet
And we never even finished shot nineteen.

This is funny, funny stuff. Horatio is a macho, heavy drinking brawler who needs to sleep with many women every day. His claim to fame is ridding Arkansas of the devil by outdrinking and embarrasing him. Drunker Than Satan is the theme of the EP, coming up in the lyrics of several other songs. The second song, Oh Shit, I Don't Feel So Good, details Horatio's heavy drinking while Girl, This Bed Is Too Big Without All 12of You reveals his ability to satisfy multiple partners simultaneously. It's a great send up of the macho outlaw image. Then Horatio follows it up with, It's Ok To Be Gay, a salute to his keyboard player, Carl Dangers. Carl comes back at the end to sing his own song, Horatio Lee Jenkins Is My Friend.

Between, there are two seemingly misplaced songs. PeaceQuake features Horatio's brother, Trafalgar Lee Jenkins on a psychedelic trip back to the 60's and I Kick Ass Because It's I Hate Not Kicking Ass is a heavy metal rocker puncuated hilariously by Horatio Lee.

Drunker Than Satan is very funny. I laughed and played it again...and laughed and played it again...and laughed and played it again. If you're a fan of irreverent humor, Horatio Lee Jenkins will make you laugh.

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