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CD REVIEW: Huffamoose - I Wanna Be Your Pants
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Huffamoose
Genre: Alternative Pop/Rock
CD Review:
No, not IN your pants. 'I wanna be your pants / I wanna be your doors / I wanna be your little golden halo in the afterlife / I wanna be your teeth / I wanna be your dad / I wanna be your little golden halo in the afterlife' explains the dreamy youth among his acoustics and bored ol' drums. The title song doesn't have the greatness obviously clear on some of the others, like hit single 'Isn't It Remarkable'. I've no idea if it's going to be swept into radio stations as the 'remarkable' star of the 50 minute disc, but the chorus is a beautiful Bowie-like ballad, catchy as hecksville. 'isn't it remarkable / her majesty remains / that's the way she'll always be / when she reigns / she rains' and later 'when she rains, streets are clean / hills drink from her evergreen / she's the royal hostess, holy ghostess'. That combined with a few other lite snacks like 'Half Empty', and strange, drunken dreams like 'Canada'. I certainly hope this gets the airplay it deserves. Alternate rock/pop, pulling out all the humoresque stops, so why shouldn't it?

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