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CD REVIEW: Jack Kid - Espresso Ecstasy
By Ben Ohmart - 05/21/2007 - 10:34 AM EDT

Artist: Jack Kid
Genre: Folk
CD Review:
No one writes airs anymore. Except this Kid. Oh, they might not specifically sound like them or be called that, but that's the gist nonetheless. Simple vignettes of peace and story by acoustic guitar and voice, with guest instruments of varying tenor. Hanneke Cassel's violin for the beginning 'Pollyanna Hannah' glides Kid's easy CS&N overdubbing vocals in mountain stream style. Beautiful folk for easy listening folks.

'Dandelion' is one of those sweet ballads for the sleepy baby and child in us all. 'My child and I one summer's day / Climbed up towards higher ground / So we could touch the clouds above / And sing some childish rhymes / And as my child lay on the ground / Around her hair did lie / The seedlings of a dandelion / Flew gently towards the sky.' Billy Novick's penny whistle helps the innocence of this acoustic song boil down to its gentlest components.

Kid is at his best when he's painting the wonderful, or melancholy, country with his unique brand of intelligent words and thoughtful music, from east to west, north to south. 'Sparkle of snow on the ground / New moon above shinin' down / The stars are so bright / They're dancin' tonight.' That's 'New Year New England', washing afresh aging marriage vows for another year. Adult contemporary, complete with accordion from Leslie Vogel and passionate, whispering vocals from the main Kid himself.

He's been described as Bill Morrissey meets Greg Brown, inhabiting vast radio syndicate shows like 'Rock n Roots', playing such prestigious clambakes as Gingko Coffeehouse (Boston), The Burren and Actor Jazz Cafe. Jack Kid is a midwest man bringing a velvet guitar style into 30 states via radio. If you have any soul, give a listen, and you'll see what happens.

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