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CD REVIEW: Jagger Cook - All Our Hands are Dirty
By Jarrod Brogdon - 06/12/2008 - 09:23 PM EDT

Artist: Jagger Cook
Album: All Our Hands Are Dirty
Label: Souls in Progress Productions, Inc.
Genre: Alt Pop/Rock
CD Review:

On his impressive debut, Canadian Jagger Cook offers up 12 anthems worthy of radio play next to artists like Nickelback or Evanescance.  These songs offer up hope and courage from a place deep inside a songwriter who has obviously learned from experiences and etched some painful lessons into songs.   Jagger is already a much lauded singer-songwriter, winning nods from the Niagara Music Awards, Great American Song Contest, Los Angeles Music Awards, and We Are Listening World Singer/Songwriter Awards.

"Afraid Like Me" has the potent chorus echoing the album's title ‘All our Hands Are Dirty’.  Don't be so quick to drop the gavel on someone without taking a look at ourselves.  ‘All our hands are worthy, there's a story worth exploring’.

Life is more than a series of reality TV shows.  “As Seen on TV” professes that ‘life begins the moment you kill your television’.  Get out because there is nothing on the tube-no evangelist, no pill, no product- that can save our souls.

On “Nostalgic”, Jagger bears the soul of his inner child.  Sharing the desires of his childhood, Jagger calls those simpler times "the best years of my life". 

“Butterflies”, a powerful staple for any mix-tape, professes infatuation to a new love. “Light of Mississippi”, a song written for Oprah Winfrey, an inspiration in Jagger’s life and career, was nominated for ‘Song of the Year’ by the Los Angeles Music Awards in 2007.

Production by Frank Gryner (Train, Bon Jovi) has transformed these heartfelt songs into something special.  This experienced engineer has incorporated a heavy, warm sound to surround Jagger’s fragile songs.

Verdict:  With a polished, well-produced collection of powerful tracks for this debut disc, Jagger Cook and his band offer sounds that could fill an arena or charm audiences in more intimate settings.

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